Most Unusual Jobs Before ShareASale


Sometimes our earliest job experiences provide the foundation for a successful and long lasting career. Other times, they humble and strengthen us or, at the very least, give us something to look back on and laugh. We asked around the ShareASale office to find out what jobs in the past ranked as the most unusual. […]

ASW16 Recap: 4 Things we Loved

As Affiliate Summit West comes to a close – and after we spent a few days catching up on sleep – we took some time to reflect on our favorites moments from the conference. While it’s impossible to sum up all the highlights we will keep it short with this list: 1. Abby Rocking Her […]

World Smile Day at ShareASale


  Did you know that World Smile Day is celebrated in honor of the original creator of the smiley face? Harvey Ball, an American artist, is recognized as the inspiration behind the icon that has made its way to the top, and currently reigns superior as most frequently used emoticon. Unlike many questionable holidays (Penguin […]

ShareASale Announces The First Affiliate Network For Your Dog


ShareASale announced today the world’s first Affiliate Network for Dogs – Now, you don’t have to be the only hard working member of your family earning commissions from product recommendations and social media – you’re loyal sidekick can do the same! Just like humans, dogs love to do product reviews! See the example – […]

ShareASale Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the ShareASale Team! Last Friday we prepped for the big day by hosting “St. Practice Day”. The office was full of green food, green clothes and lots of decorations. Here’s a sneak peek into our St. Practice Day fun!   The day started with a healthy round of green snacks […]

Superheroes and Super Villains at Work


Flash, preparing some quick emails to promote the party at #ASW14. (get it?) Batman and Robin preparing for #ASW14 Meet Market Children of the 80s will appreciate this legendary hero. ‘Merica. Why are we dressed like this, you ask?   Check out our party announcement for Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas – #ASW14

Around the Office: ShareASale Food Drive!


In the spirit of giving back, the ShareASale Team hosted a food drive a couple weeks back for the Greater Chicago Food Depository. It was a fun week full of countdowns, prizes and lots of black beans. Here’s a quick recap…   Time Lapse of the ShareASale Food Drive – YouTube Time lapse video showing […]

ShareASale’s Top 10 Kitchen Essentials


Office Manager aka “Den Mother.” Part of my job is organization.  I am the one who keeps the office relatively tidy, or at least I try. As a result, I spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen keeping things in order but more importantly, I make sure the kitchen is fully stocked and […]

#HowTo – How to Decorate your Home for the Holidays


If you’re anything like me, you’ll walk into a department store around the Holidays and want to buy every single item in sight to decorate your home. Everything is so delightful and festive, it brings a smile to your face – I mean, how can you turn away adorable little snowmen globes to put on […]

#HowTo – How To Tie A Tie


How To Tie A Tie – Start How To Tie A Tie – Step 1 – flip over the big end How To Tie A Tie – Step 1 – slide the small end over the big How To Tie A Tie – Lift The Big End Up How To Tie A Tie – And […]