If I Were Stranded on a Desert Island, I Would Bring…


If you were stranded on a desert island, which 6 ShareASale Merchant products would you not be able to live without? We asked Sarah, ShareASale’s Graphic Designer, what her essential island survival items were. Even though we have to admit, her survival necessities sound more like a luxurious vacation – check out what she said: 1. […]

Memorial Day Activities


We’ve all come out of our winter stupor – finally!  It has been such a long winter that we’re worried some of you have forgotten what the sun looks like. Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer vacation, is here! So shed your jackets, get out your bathing suits and trade in your boots for […]

Earth Day: Meet Pete the Plant!


Hi there! My name is Pete the Plant. I’ve been part of the ShareASale office for over four years now and sit in the window every day watching over the employees and soaking up the Chicago sunlight. Since today is Earth Day (my favorite day of the year), I want to tell you a little […]

National Stress Awareness Day


To take the stress out of a long week, we’d like to remind you that tomorrow, April 16th, is National Stress Awareness Day! We all experience the little things that get under our skin and stress us out, like when there’s no coffee left in the pot, when your internet is running slow or when […]

#FunFriday: National Beer Day


Beer-lovers rejoice! Yesterday, April 7th, commemorated National Beer Day and the end of prohibition in the United States in 1933. You may not need another reason to enjoy a good beer, but we sure won’t complain when a holiday comes around – cheers to the end of prohibition! Here at ShareASale, we couldn’t think of […]

March #MondayMotivation Recap


Each week we publish a quote on our various social media channels to help you kickstart a positive and productive week. Here is a recap of the quotes we’ve posted throughout the month on March.  You can only change what you can control. ‪#‎mondaymotivation‬ Happy Monday! ‪#‎mondaymotivation‬ Be a driver! ‪#‎mondaymotivation‬ Make the connection! ‪#‎andrewdavis‬ ‪#‎contentmarketing‬‪#‎mondaymotivation‬

ShareASale Celebrates National Puppy Day!


Happy belated National Puppy Day! We may be a bit delayed with our post, but our love for puppies (and dogs of all ages) is unwavering. You will often find us stalking the office dogs in our building or checking the latest Instagram post from our pet-themed Affiliate and Merchant partners.  In honor of the […]

#HowTo – How To Instagram With Photoshop


#HowTo – How To Instagram With Photoshop The instant accessibility of Instagram and its fabulous selection of pre-set filters can be a lot of fun to experiment with on the go. But what about those awesome pictures you want to spruce up from your photo library that are not on your phone? All Instagram filters […]