If you haven’t noticed yet, cats, puppies, and dogs alike are the highlights of our days. Many of us spend hours on end dressing our dogs in cute outfits, maintaining Instagram accounts for our dog babies, and even trying to figure out ways to sneak them into the office (Fingers crossed for a dog appearance today). […]

If I Were Stranded on a Desert Island, I Would Bring…


Imagine you are stranded on a desert island, and had to choose just 6 ShareASale Merchant products to make your time a little more enjoyable – What would you choose? We asked Abby, ShareASale’s Blogger Liaison, what her survival necessities where. Checkout what she said:   1. Tropical Sands SPF 50+ by Mexitan.com. Merchant ID: […]

ASE 2016 Recap


With sore voices and piano tunes still ringing in our ears, the ShareASale clan returned from Affiliate Summit East.  The conference seemed to be full of singalong moments – from the booth staff breaking out in random song to not one, but TWO piano nights. Affiliate Summit does a fantastic job at getting together Affiliate […]

Catch ‘Em All with ShareASale


Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm reaching the status of highest-grossing mobile app in the U.S. in just 13 hours of its release, and continually thriving with a mind blowing 21,000,000 average daily users. You can find the most unsuspecting people wandering the streets, hitting PokeStop after PokeStop in hopes of encountering the […]

If I Were Stranded on a Desert Island, I Would Bring…


If you were stranded on a desert island, which 6 ShareASale Merchant products would you not be able to live without? We asked Sarah, ShareASale’s Graphic Designer, what her essential island survival items were. Even though we have to admit, her survival necessities sound more like a luxurious vacation – check out what she said: 1. […]

Memorial Day Activities


We’ve all come out of our winter stupor – finally!  It has been such a long winter that we’re worried some of you have forgotten what the sun looks like. Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer vacation, is here! So shed your jackets, get out your bathing suits and trade in your boots for […]

Earth Day: Meet Pete the Plant!


Hi there! My name is Pete the Plant. I’ve been part of the ShareASale office for over four years now and sit in the window every day watching over the employees and soaking up the Chicago sunlight. Since today is Earth Day (my favorite day of the year), I want to tell you a little […]

National Stress Awareness Day


To take the stress out of a long week, we’d like to remind you that tomorrow, April 16th, is National Stress Awareness Day! We all experience the little things that get under our skin and stress us out, like when there’s no coffee left in the pot, when your internet is running slow or when […]