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Tip of the Day: Benefits of OPM’s

What is an OPM? OPM stands for Outsourced Program Management. These are specialized employees from agency partners who work with Merchants in Affiliate Networks to run their programs on a day-to-day basis. While the full spectrum of their services and processes vary, they will often handle tasks such as recruitment, banner uploading, newsletters, Merchant promotion, […]

The PDCA Process: How it Can Help You!

What is the PDCA Process? The PDCA Process is a four step management method that businesses use to continuously improve their products or processes. If you’ve ever taken a business course, you may have also heard it called the Deming Wheel.  The four steps are: PLAN – Lay out the objective(s) necessary to deliver results for […]

Tip of the Day: Holiday Center Program Boost

Let’s talk program boosts – aka more exposure! First up – Holiday Center Program Boost. To get started, log into the Program Boost center from your Merchant homepage. Below is the Program Boost page. From here, you can choose a number of different options to get your program better recognition, find easier ways to recruit […]


What is FTP? FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is used to send computer files between a client and server on a computer network. On ShareASale, our FTP server hosts Merchant’s product datafeeds that Affiliates can request access to.   How do I use FTP with ShareASale? FTP is well known as a way to send bulk or very large […]

Tip of the Day: Best Selling Products

Do you have a “trending products” section on your website? Are you trying to blow out inventory during a liquidation sale?  Use ShareASale creatives to reflect the merchandising strategy that you are implementing on your actual website. Feature products that you are highlighting on the homepage or in email promotions to your customers. This will […]

4 Quick Tips About Our Webinars

  ShareASale webinars have come a long way from their humble beginnings of basic interface training circa 2010. As the tools available inside our Merchant and Affiliate interfaces became more robust, so too did the questions. We have expanded our webinar schedule to offer more in-depth hour long “classes.” With this additional training, we focus on […]

Tip of the Day: Search Keyword Monitoring Tool

As a Merchant, you should be aware that you can set up rules for your Affiliates when it comes to Keyword Bidding. As the page defines it, if you have rules and regulations for your Affiliate Program concerning bid terms, trademark bidding, and more, then you will need to have those rules spelled out very clearly […]

Gen 7 Interface Update

Gen 7 Interface Update At long last, it has arrived! We are excited to introduce the latest Gen 7 interface update. We hope this redesign will provide a more enjoyable experience while performing your daily management tasks and help you access data and tools quickly and easily.   Here are some of the highlights you can […]

Merchants: Going to Affiliate Summit West?

You are? Great – Let us know who you are! ShareASale is a proud sponsor of Affiliate Summit and we are looking forward to packing our bags and heading over to Las Vegas for the largest Affiliate Marketing conference! It’s always a great show for us and if you are also planning on attending, I […]

Tip of the Day: Conference ROI

Conference season is coming up quick so it’s time to look at all the events you or your company will be attending in 2017. Whether you attend a small number of shows or are known as a trade show regular, it’s a good idea to measure the impact of each conference for your company. Determining […]