Tip of the Day: Guest Posts

Every blogger on the planet craves one thing: good content. As a blogger, you probably know how difficult it can be to come up with fresh ideas on the daily. Guest posts should be seen as an extension of your content strategy, not an excuse to get out of writing!  In fact, guests posts can benefit you by: 

    • Broadening your content base/ niche topic
    • Providing specialty or expert/insider information to your audience
    • And improving blog influence and readership

Look to your blog community or the business relationships you have made and think about who or what topic would interest your readers. Other considerations on whom to approach: 

    • Most often, if you are looking for an unpaid exchange of content, you will have to approach a contact with a similar sized business or following so one party does not have obvious leverage over the other.
    • Someone who is active across multiple marketing channels:  social or email.
    • Someone who’s writing style and voice is in line with or complementary to yours. 

Once you have identified a target, approach them and offer the benefits upfront: In exchange for content, you could link to or help build their a) Email list b) Social channel(s) c) send traffic, d) promote a deal or sign up link etc. 

Good luck!