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Tip of the Day: Affiliate Profile Images

The ability to add your own personal brands logo or an image of yourself to your Affiliate account on ShareASale is a great way to gain recognition for your brand.  You will look more credible in the eyes of Merchants, as you have an established image that you put out to the Affiliate Marketing industry. […]

How to Grow Your Blog: Part 3 – Resources on Monetization

We have reached the final part in our ‘How to Grow Your Blog’ series. If you’ve been following along since Part One of ‘How to Start a Blog,’ I applaud you for sticking with me! I hope you have learned a lot and have become more comfortable using your blog and going “behind the scenes.” […]

How to Grow Your Blog: Part 2 – Popular Plugins

As many bloggers are probably aware, there are hundreds of different options for plugins available that help to grow your blog. Choosing which plugins to implement depends on what areas you will be focusing on. There are various components to blogging that all need a little love. I’m going to go over three specific parts […]

Must-Have-Merchants: Sweet Tooth

Valentine’s Day may be tomorrow, but our love for all things sweets and candy spans the whole month of February (and all year long, really)! Write up a blog post to tempt your readers with their favorite guilty treats. These ShareASale Merchants offer everything from monthly candy subscriptions to one-of-a-kind goodies.  1. Angell and Phelps […]

HELLO BLOGGERS! WE CAN HELP! ShareASale helps Affiliates like you find relevant Retailer partners to connect with and promote. We track which transactions earn commissions, provide easy-to-interpret reporting and – most importantly – pay out your earnings on time each month.  The best part?  It is totally free!  So – Apply Today!   Chameleon Pens –  CommissionLeisure […]

How to Grow Your Blog: Part 1 – Newsletter Setup

Following up on my ‘How to Start a Blog’ three part series, it’s now time to talk about how you can take your blog to the next level! There are many resources and tips available from ShareASale about maintaining your blog, but I want to discuss three main components that can help you grow your […]

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just one week away now, but don’t worry, we are here to help you find those last minute gifts for the special people in your life! In 2016 shoppers spent a whopping 19.2 billion dollars on the holiday as a whole. Capture the online shoppers with a themed blog post and this great […]

Seal These Deals: Valentine’s Day

Another holiday, a whole new round-up of deals! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the ShareASale Coupons and Deals Database. Search key terms such as “Valentines and Valentine’s Day” within your Affiliate interface and find the latest selection of your favorite Merchant’s holiday themed deals. Don’t forget, if you subscribe to the Deals Database RSS Feed, you will […]

Spring Lookbook Incentive Opportunity

Our incentive bonus program is back! Seven select Merchants are participating in this exclusive Spring Lookbook promotional offer!  It was great to see the amount of people who joined the incentive bonus program in our winter catalog. It’s even more exciting to see what will happen this issue! Drive two new sales in 30 days for any […]

Must-Have- Merchants: Super Bowl Prep

The football game itself, the food, the halftime show and commercials – sports fan or not, the Superbowl is the perfect excuse to stock up on your favorite gear and throw a party. These ShareASale Merchants have all of the sports necessities (even for the teams that didn’t quite make it this year)!   1. Fanatics – ID […]