The 2013 Summer ShareASale Merchant Catalog

One year ago, almost to the day, Brian tossed a toy catalog on my desk and said “we need one of these”.

And so the ShareASale Merchant Catalog & Magazine was born. Of course, we feature much more than toys! Catalogs feature a selection of our best and brightest Merchants for the upcoming season as well as a few educational articles. It’s a fun way to “shop” for potential Merchants in the same way you might shop for toys in a Land of Nod Catalog.

In honor of the Catalog’s Anniversary, let’s take a look at the ShareASale Catalog…by the numbers!

It’s a fun way to “shop” for potential Merchants in the same way you might shop for toys in a Land of Nod Catalog.


The year we released the ShareASale Merchant Catalogue Prototype. To be specific – it was in May at ThinkTank in Austin, TX.


The number of catalogs we’ve released to date.
June 2012
August 2012
September 2012
January 2013


The average number of errors per catalog. Most recently, you might find there are two page #30s in the Summer 2013 Catalog.


The average number of Merchants we feature in a catalog. A feature could be anything from a full page to a mention in an article.

32 – The average number of pages per catalog.


The number of Spring 2013 Catalogs we mailed to relevant Affiliates. Would you like a copy of the Summer 2013 or Spring 2013 Catalog? Email and we’ll mail one out! Only snail-mail available at this time.
Spring 2013 – Released January 12th Summer 2013 – Released March 12

23 – The number of catalogs returned to sender!

Affiliates – be sure your contact information is up to date! You can update your information under the Account Tab >> Edit Settings

Great news – the ShareASale Merchant Catalog for Summer 2013 is now Online!

48 – The number of days until the Fall 2013 Catalog is released!

View Summer 2013 Catalog Merchants within the Interface

Merchants Tab >> Search For Merchants >> Popular >> Summer 2013 Catalog. This will give you a listing of all the Merchants featured in the most recent catalog.


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    I’m guessing a combination of seasonality & program performance. E.g. if you sell a ton of toys via affiliates, you might get featured in Q4 :)

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