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Datafeeds: Fun Fact Numbers!

DATAFEEDS The successful foundation to many successful Affiliate sites.
Ok, that’s not the Webster dictionary definition of the term “datafeed,” but I’m here today with some stats and compelling reasons why you should be using a datafeed; that is if you aren’t already!

(Not familiar with what I’m referring to when I say “Datafeed”? Start HERE)


Affiliates: If you’re not using datafeeds today, check out these convincing numbers.

2,102,401  The single highest number of products a ShareASale Merchant offers in their datafeed – more than two million!

2,225  – Number of ShareASale Merchants with an available datafeed.

56.21% – Percentage of ShareASale Merchants with an available datafeed.

15 – Total number of ShareASale product categories.

186 – Total number of ShareASale product subcategories. That’s a lot of variety!

435– Approximate number of ShareASale Merchants who updated their datafeeds between March 25th and April 1st , 2013.

Merchants: ShareASale Client Services recommends Merchants have a datafeed on file to truly round out their program.

5-10% – The number of conversions from datafeed specific links.

40 gazillion (just checking to see if you’re paying attention :) ) – The average number of datafeeds ShareASale processes daily.

1366 – The most common upload warning, usually when the column headers are left in the file. No need to worry!

6  The number of required columns in the Merchant datafeed (SKU, URL, Price, Category, Subcategory, MerchantID). These will always be provided.

7 – The minimum number of extra places in ShareASale your program will be seen by Affiliates when you have a datafeed.

Ryan Frey

By Ryan Frey

Ahoy! My name is Ryan and I'm a techie here at ShareASale since 2010. I focus on supporting Affiliates and Merchants with the technical aspects of our platform, including advanced commission schedules, tracking implementations, and API integration. Fun stuff! Outside of work, I love playing with my dog Tucker and am an avid automobile enthusiast.

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