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ShareASale Spring Fling: Cheese Ball Day!


Due to recent events, we decided to postpone the announcement of our Spring Fling week three winners a few days.  This past Wednesday was  National Cheese Ball day, so may I be the first to wish you a very happy (belated) one!

The earliest mention of a cheeseball was found in a 1944 cookbook called “Food of My Friends”. The recipe came from a Minnesota housewife. – JoyofKosher.com

Perhaps you will spend this weekend softening your favorite locally sourced cheese just waiting to roll it up into a perfectly shaped orb ordained with crunchy delicious nuts. Or maybe you like to take your celebration on down to the local convenience store and start popping cans of the airy, finger dying orange variety. Whichever type of cheese ball you will be honoring, I hope all your cheesy dreams come true!

I know two people who will have a little extra cash which will come in handy for buying that special imported cheese. Drum roll please as ShareASale General Manager, David Zelken, announces our ShareASale Spring Fling Winners!

National Cheeseball Day: Merchant Winner

National Cheeseball Day: Affiliate Winner

Sarah Beeskow Blay

By Sarah Beeskow Blay

Hi! I'm Sarah, the Director of Client Services for ShareASale.com. I came to ShareASale in 2005 and am responsible for providing strategic guidance and educational resources to Merchants & Affiliates that can be used to grow their accounts. My favorite thing in the world, aside from affiliate marketing of course, is traveling. Random fact: my first concert ever was Neil Diamond when I was 4. As a result, I know an alarmingly large number of Neil Diamond songs. Don’t be a hater.

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