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If you are a former Merchant, we invite you to take advantage of the coupon code which was sent to you earlier this Month regarding transitioning your affiliate program to ShareASale.

If you are a former Affiliate looking for a new account – you can partner with over 2,500 Merchant on the ShareASale Network, and it is easy to get signed up. Just visit to get started.

Any questions regarding what you need to do to get started on ShareASale, just shoot us an email to


  1. says


    What does an affiliate of a fusion quest merchant have to do now that fusion quest belongs to share a sale

    am i going to lose my commissions ?

    i’m an affiliate of

  2. says


    You’ll want to contact your individual merchant regarding past commissions.

    If your Merchant joined ShareASale you can login or create an account at ShareASale and join the new program there.


  3. says

    I’m an affiliate of a number of FusionQuest programs. Is there any way to find out which have moved to ShareaSale and which have closed?

    I know ShecyPearls has moved and I’ve joined that one again but I’d like to know about the others.


  4. Anonymous says

    Dear Sir/Maam:
    This is the first i am reading about this merging.I am greatful to finaly find this out.thank you to all.

  5. says

    I am trying to sign up with Treadmills Central, who were with Fusion Quest, but I come up blank when searching Shareasale. Does that mean they didn’t sign up with you?

    • Brian Littleton says


      That is correct, and unfortunately I was unable to find out for you where the program went as their site still points to FusionQuest which was last active in 2009.

      If you need help finding an alternative vendor just let us know as we have quite a few products/Merchants that are in that space that would likely be interested in working with you.

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