Three breweries in three days…

Three breweries in three days, and I’m not even a beer drinker, lol!  But gotta say, everyone has been utterly fantastic.  We really do work in a unique industry.  It’s still young enough, where you can put a couple of competitors together, and they’ll trade best practices.  Of course, as in any industry, you’ll still have a few rogue entities…but there’s karma for that.

Today at the Capitol City Brewing Company, I got to spend some time with the Washington Redskins, and  It was a great group of folks.  Conversation ranged from shooting ranges to how to market collegiate sportswear…but my favorite bit was the use of online video advertising.

We determined there are a variety of approaches to video ads:

– Hard sell/Straight product: Video focuses on an individual product and its benefits, much like an infomercial
– Branding: Video focuses on brand building and the relationship of the brand with the consumer.
– Soft sell/informative: Video focuses on telling a story, not selling a product.  For example, an interview with the Washington Redskins’ Chris Cooley, on a page with links to his merchandise.

None of us knew anyone who tested the performance of each type of video, but it would be interesting.  If you have any thoughts or feedback, would definitely love to hear about it!

Alright, I get one day to rest up before heading from DC to Ocean City, MD!  I’ve been told to try the fries and the salt water taffy, but I’m mostly looking forward to eating Maryland crab.  Beachy, you’re awesome for hosting it, and I can’t wait to see you and your incredible family!  :)


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