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Datafeed Maintenance Window – July 31st to August 1st

In order to refresh datafeeds in accordance with our new network specification (http://blog.shareasale.com/2009/07/07/datafeed-specification-and-format-changes/), there will be a Datafeed Maintenance Window this coming Friday July 31st beginning at 7PM CST and lasting until approximately 7PM CST on Saturday August 1st.

During this window:

  • Datafeeds will be unavailable for download
  • Datafeeds will be changed over to the new format
  • Merchant uploads will be queued and processed in the new format

If you have any questions please let us know. Thanks!

Brian Littleton

By Brian Littleton

Brian is the Founder and President of ShareASale - a 13 year old Chicago based software firm that helps connect online retailers with bloggers and webmasters. He can be found online at @brianlittleton and on brianlittleton.shareist.com Brian writes about internet marketing, College Football (CF Show), golf, hockey, social media, and cartoons!

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