Datafeed Maintenance Window – July 31st to August 1st

In order to refresh datafeeds in accordance with our new network specification (, there will be a Datafeed Maintenance Window this coming Friday July 31st beginning at 7PM CST and lasting until approximately 7PM CST on Saturday August 1st.

During this window:

  • Datafeeds will be unavailable for download
  • Datafeeds will be changed over to the new format
  • Merchant uploads will be queued and processed in the new format

If you have any questions please let us know. Thanks!


  1. says

    Brian & SAS team, thanks for your hard work.

    As an affiliate, I rely very much on good and clean datafeeds.

    “Good” here means a well structured pipe delimited data, while “clean” means no CSS, html, or JavaScript code in the datafeed. A well structured datafeed minimizes the possibility of manual data conversion and eliminates human error duing conversion.

    I also appreciate very much if the merchants provide another field beside the Category and Sub-Category field for Sub-sub-category (depends on how deep their product structure will go)

    Thanks again Brian & SAS team, for letting me grow with you.

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