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Merchant API Available

The Merchant API interface is available currently, allowing Merchants a more advanced method of interacting with real-time transactions as well as reports.

The following are the types of things that could be done utilizing the Merchant API …

  • Real-time voiding or editing of a transaction as it happens on your site.
  • Recurring commissions such as subscriptions, etc…
  • Downloading certain reports on a schedule to your servers…

Full documentation of all features is inside your interface here.

Brian Littleton

By Brian Littleton

Brian is the Founder and President of ShareASale - a 13 year old Chicago based software firm that helps connect online retailers with bloggers and webmasters. He can be found online at @brianlittleton and on brianlittleton.shareist.com Brian writes about internet marketing, College Football (CF Show), golf, hockey, social media, and cartoons!

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