Tip of the Day: Guest Posts


Every blogger on the planet craves one thing: good content. As a blogger, you probably know how difficult it can be to come up with fresh ideas on the daily. Guest posts should be seen as an extension of your content strategy, not an excuse to get out of writing!  In fact, guests posts can […]

Tip of the Day: Conference ROI


Conference season is coming up quick so it’s time to look at all the events you or your company will be attending in 2017. Whether you attend a small number of shows or are known as a trade show regular, it’s a good idea to measure the impact of each conference for your company. Determining […]

2016 Tip of the Day Roundup


Get quick tips on Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing and Blogging from ShareASale! The internet and the Affiliate Marketing industry is ever changing. With so much stay up-to-date on and new things to learn, it can difficult to decide on where to start. Our “Tip of the Day” series is a great source for little snippets […]

Tip of the Day: Cash Your Checks Within 90 Days!


Our most frequently asked questions often revolve around receiving payments. This makes sense, since making money is the reason why most people use affiliate marketing. Among these commonly asked payment questions is “How long will my check be valid from the issue date?” Always remember: Commission checks are valid for 90 Days from the issue […]

Tip of the Day: Find Relevant Brands with Merchant Search


Blogs are a great resource for finding information about locations, products, brands, or specific subjects. They have become a go-to source for many people. As a part of sharing information, bloggers are often looking for like-minded brands that may have products or creatives that can help accentuate their websites. Finding the right partnerships between brands and […]

Tip of the Day: Banner Performance Report


Merchants, have you ever been curious to see what one of your banners is performing the best over a specific time frame?  Do you know how easy it is to find the banner/text link/product link/coupon or deal making the most commissions for you? Let me introduce you to the Banner Performance Report! The report allows […]

Tip of the Day: Write What You Love, Use Network Tools to Assist!


When it comes to our blogger and content partners, we always encourage people to create posts about topics that are familiar to them and about something they love. Why? Because it shows and readers seek authenticity.  It is easy to get caught up in click-bait or to create posts specifically engineered to catch buyers’ attention. […]

Tip of the Day: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Resources


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are less than a week away! Don’t panic, we have great resources for Merchants and Affiliates both to look at for the tips they will need to have success on the two busiest shopping days of the year. First let’s start with the Affiliates! Make sure you check out the […]

TOTD: New Programs RSS Feed


One of the easiest ways to be notified of new Merchant Programs going live in the ShareASale Network is to use our RSS feed for New Program Launches. The main incentive to providing this content to you in an RSS format as opposed to email is avoiding the problem of clogging up your email. We […]