4 Quick Tips About Our Webinars


ShareASale webinars have come a long way from their humble beginnings of basic interface training circa 2010. As the tools available inside our Merchant and Affiliate interfaces became more robust, so too did the questions.

We have expanded our webinar schedule to offer more in-depth hour long “classes.” With this additional training, we focus on specific stages of the Affiliate journey and address particular areas of need,  whether you’re a Retailer or Blogger. Click each webinar below for an expanded definition.



Tip #1 – Ask Questions

Our webinars are amazing training tools for both veteran and new users alike! If you are not clear on something that was shown or mentioned during the webinar, write down where you had the issue. At the end of the training, the team member in charge of the webinar will be happy to answer your question(s) and assist you with solving the problem!

Tip #2 – Learn How to Monetize your Blog

“Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers” Webinar is hosted by Abby, our Blogger Liaison. This topic is popular with our community of bloggers because who doesn’t want to make money? Her webinar has great teachable moments, like how to use Affiliate links from inspiring Merchants as well as fantastic hands-on demonstrations of ShareASale tools such as the Make-A-Page and Product Showcase!

Tip #3 – Optimize Your Merchant Account

Morgan, our Merchant Development Manager, heads up the “Merchant Bootcamp” Webinar. She’ll walk through five common goals that all program managers use and train attendees on how to use the tools to get the most potential from their accounts. These goals include:

  1. Building a Program Strategy and Marketing the Program
  2. Creating Comprehensive and Attractive Creative Collateral
  3. Increase Program Visibility and Affiliate Recruitment
  4. Engage Partners and Grow Affiliate Activity
  5. Using Reporting Analytics to Uncover Additional Opportunities

Whether you are a new Merchant or have been with ShareASale for years, the Merchant Bootcamp is sure to whip your account into shape!

Tip #4 – Free Training for the New Merchant Interface

Do you have questions about the new Gen7 interface that aren’t answered by our blog posts? Our “Merchant Interface Walkthrough” Webinar is a great place to find the answers you are looking for. Merchants will be able to see the tools and features that are important on a daily basis within their accounts. They also will learn how to setup reports and creatives and how to communicate both with their Affiliates and ShareASale

This webinar is also crucial for learning the locations of each tool in the new interface and where we have added new links to tools that were previously hidden.

If you have any questions while using the new Merchant interface, this is a great place to ask them and it is never a bad idea to sign up for a refresher!

Don’t miss out!  The ShareASale training webinars are a great asset to Merchants and Affiliates alike! We sincerely hope you take advantage of one of these soon. To register, just click on the links at the top of this blog, click on the “webinars” tab in the ShareASale Blog, or click HERE