How to Maintain a Modern Affiliate Marketing Program – Part I

For almost 20 years, Affiliates have steadily helped Retailers increase traffic, acquire new customers and boost sales. However, e-commerce continues to evolve at an alarmingly fast rate and Merchants must continue to develop their Affiliate strategy in response to these changes. Part 1 of 3 of Maintaining a Modern Affiliate Program is understanding customer behavior […]

Tip of the Day: Catalog Merchant Search

Utilize everything that the Affiliate Interface has to offer and find new Merchant partners in the new year! With the release of our new 2016 Spring Catalog, featured Merchants are also included in a unique Merchant search section within the interface. We feature some of the biggest and best programs in addition to New & […]

FTP Application Timesavers


In my 1st #THEINTERFACE post I shared a few new time saving additions that we had added to put a little more time back in your day. Here are a few more “timesavers” we have added to our Affiliate and Merchant FTP process to do the same!     The first FTP timesaver is the […]

Affiliate List Report

address book

One of the reports used most by ShareASale Merchants is the Affiliate List report.  This report shows the status, location, and website of all Affiliates in a given merchant program.    In many ways, the report is also one of the most important, because it allows Merchants to contact, segment, and reward Affiliates.  This significance is […]

Personal Commission Rules Updated!


I hope your hat has some strong elastic in it, because there is a big wind of change coming your way that is sure to blow that hat right off  your head! OK, that was a bit of an over dramatic intro, but needless to say I am pretty excited about today’s #TheInterface update which […]

CSV on Merchant Reports


Happy Monday everyone! We’re getting through Chicago February arctic weather, but more than ready for spring! Let’s dive in, reporting options for quick results! We have added a report feature that gives you another option on how to pull the data you are currently viewing.  Let’s take the Transaction Detail Report as an example. When you want […]

CSV on Affiliate Reporting and more!

Welcome to my Fun Friday post! Today ShareASale has made Affiliates’ lives a little easier! Similar to pulling report data into spread sheets, we now offer cut and copy functionality directly off reporting pages inside of your interface!     Above each Affiliate report you’ll see a link that says “View CSV Data” when you […]

Merchants – Preview your Program Bio!

bio handwritten

You might say I’m a little over-excited about today’s interface update: The Program Bio Preview. I’ve been anxiously waiting (as have the rest of the Merchant Development Team) for this little update – and it’s finally here. yay! It’s the simplest little update, but will allow Merchants to quickly preview and make changes to their […]

Invalid Links Report

broken links

A while back, an Affiliate suggested that we create a report that would show any invalid links in their account. Thus eliminating the need for the Affiliate to search through links for each individual Merchant they partnered with. And so, the Invalid Links Report was born! Right off the bat this report had some great […]

Account Balance SMS Alerts


One of the most important tasks for a Merchant is to ensure their program remains online. To stay “online” means that there is a positive balance in the program’s account. When an account dips below zero the program is taken “offline” and Affiliate links are broken, or turned off, until a positive balance is reinstated. […]