What is FTP? FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is used to send computer files between a client and server on a computer network. On ShareASale, our FTP server hosts Merchant’s product datafeeds that Affiliates can request access to.   How do I use FTP with ShareASale? FTP is well known as a way to send bulk or very large […]

Announcing Woo Commerce WordPress Plug in

Installing and updating normal tracking is not always the most straightforward process depending on your cart platform.  To make this easier, we have developed a tracking plugin for our clients who use WordPress as their CMS system and WooCommerce as their cart. So what are the main benefits? I: No tech needed The ShareASale Setup […]

Tip of the Day: Program Bio

The Program Bio is presented to Affiliates as they search for Merchant Programs to join inside their account. The text is filled out by you, the Merchant, and provides an opportunity to make a first impression about what you offer potential Affiliates. Typically in this section, Merchants list details about their program such as commission rate, […]

Tip of the Day: Featured Programs

One of the easiest ways for our Merchants to increase  exposure is by choosing to become a Featured Program. There are different options to choose from that will spotlight your Merchant Program around the Affiliate Interface.  Some of these options include: 1. Featured Program of the Week This program displays your logo and description of […]

How to Maintain a Modern Affiliate Marketing Program Part III: Target Non-Traditional Affiliates

You may already have a good grasp on what type of Affiliates make up your program. Traditional Affiliate types include Content Bloggers, Deal-based Affiliates, or Affiliates who primarily market through one channel like PPC, Social or Email Marketing. But in order to be truly forward thinking you must consider the potential of non-traditional Affiliates.   […]

Tip of the Day: Webinars

ShareASale offers a variety of webinars for both Merchants and Affiliates to choose from. These webinars are for both the novice and veteran user. Register today on our events page! Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Learn how to monetize your blog using affiliate links from ShareASale. We’ll offer hands-on demonstration illustrating how to use tools such […]

Tip of the Day: Keyword Lists

Building a strong keyword list is a simple way to boost your program’s visibility. Upon signing up as a Merchant, you are asked to enter keywords that describe your program. We encourage you to include as many as you can while staying under the 255 character limit. When an Affiliate is looking for Merchants to […]

Tip of the Day: Featured Placements

ShareASale Featured Placements are an excellent way for Merchants to recruit new Affiliate Partners. Our Client Services team has many different options that the Merchant can choose from to upsell their program and gain better exposure in the ShareASale Network. Some of these options include: Holiday Center – Showcase your program during a holiday or […]

Tip of the Day: Newsletter Macros

Using macros in your Affiliates newsletters is a great way to speed up the process of finding and inserting content. There are many macros to choose from that will automatically place specific Affiliate information into the newsletter when used – even when sent to multiple recipients. Common Macros are !!FIRSTNAME!! !!WEBSITE!! !!EMAIL!!, but we also […]