Increase Quality Sales Through Attribution: A How To Guide

Best Practices: Attribution and Segmentation

As a Merchant, you want to make sure that you are rewarding the right Affiliates for the sales they drive. It sounds easy enough, right? Here at ShareASale we have several tools to help ensure that your Affiliates are receiving credit where credit is due. It’s simple, organized and will help you build strong relationships […]

Datafeeds In Action

Product Showcase ShareASale

I mentioned datafeeds in my 5 Tools Every Affiliate Should be Using post, so let’s take a look at a couple creative uses of product links from other affiliates on the network. Green Wedding Shoes Blog The shop section on is a great example of how to utilize a product datafeed. The layout is […]

Create A Product Showcase For Your Blog in 5 Minutes

Product Showcases allow you to quickly highlight specific sub-sets of a retailer’s products based on either category or keyword. They keep themselves up to date with the most recent products available based on the keyword or category that you select! For example, you might have one Product Showcase that will always be populated with t-shirts […]

6 Ways to Find Product Datafeeds in your Affiliate Account

Affiliates – you probably know all about banners, text links, and other traditional creatives, but what is this business about “datafeeds” everyone is talking about? What are they, and how are they useful?  A datafeed is simply a list your merchants provided of their products, in a standardized format. Each row is a product, and […]

Product Update – 5 New Tools to Use!

1. Improved Newsletter Tools The ShareASale Newsletter Editor was revamped, with one important feature added.  Now, along with choosing a Plain Text, or HTML campaign – you can choose to send a Split Campaign.  This allows you to send two similar messages, possibly with different subject lines or slightly different text, and get a feel […]

5 Tools Every Affiliate Should Use on ShareASale

The most successful Affiliates take advantage of all the helpful tools at their disposal. ShareASale has many available, and here are five you can use today!   1. Affiliate-Defined Tracking Ever wonder how certain links, or groups of links you’re promoting are doing as a whole? Enter Affiliate-defined tracking.  That empty afftrack= value at the […]

We’re Back! Affiliate Summit West Recap & Recoup

We’re back from Affiliate Summit West and ready for a little R&R – Recap & Recoup! After a big conference it’s important to take care of both the business side of life as well as the personal side of life. Here is our list post-conference must-dos.     Recap the conference Take a moment to […]

#HowTo – How to Segment Newsletters Using Tags on ShareASale

From Homepage to ‘Send Newsletter’ Use ‘Affiliates’ Tab from the account homepage Select ‘Send Newsletter’ icon Create a Newsletter Recipients Section Select the top, grey row titled ‘Recipients’ Select Tag Group Use the ‘Tags’ drop down to select group to remove from recipient list Select ‘Search’ below Edit Recipient List The Affiliates in the specificed […]