ShareASale: The After Hours

After Hours

Howdy Readers! It’s time again for another Fun Friday Post. As many of you may know, ShareASale is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm Central Time. There is a lot of silliness that happens during office hours, but the most fun comes after 6pm … and let’s be honest, sometimes it’s more like […]

Affiliate Application Maintenance

individual research

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.” ~Einstein One of the most challenging aspects for an Agency in managing multiple Merchant programs is keeping up with Affiliate applications. There are two issues that an Agency faces with Affiliate applications.  The first is the sheer number of applications.  The second is reviewing each individual application to determine the […]

Common Datafeed Oops!

Today is all about Datafeeds! “Woot, Woot!” I will be pointing out a few common mistakes (“Oops”) we see when processing files that will cause a datafeed upload to fail. Many product based Merchants create a datafeed to be competitive and give their Affiliates the tools to further promote their site. Let’s break this down to […]

Fastest Way to Get Your Payments!

Paid Stamp

Everyone wants to make sure that payments come to them on time.  This, however, is not only dependent on ShareASale but also on you!  There are steps and options you can take in order to make sure your payments reach you as quickly as you want. Let’s look at the different ways to get your […]

What Account Support is Available?

Have no fear, ShareASale is here!  If you are new to Affiliate Marketing or new to ShareASale, we offer a variety of tools and resources so you don’t have to delve into this channel blindly.  So without further ado, let’s jump right into some real examples of ways ShareASale is here to help support you […]

Put Some “Fling” Into Your Spring

Spring fling

  What is the Spring Fling? The Spring Fling is a 13 week bonanza of free fun and a chance for you to become a winner! (Not that you aren’t already a winner in our eyes). How does it work? Each Wednesday from April 03, 2013 – June 26, 2013 we will be drawing the […]

Real world API Example

In my February #Interface blog posts, I discussed our new Get Products, and Merchant Search by Product API calls. How about a real-life example of their usefulness? If you’re a WordPress blogger, check out the quick plugin I made using the Get Products API. It simply adds a meta box on your WordPress admin post menu, where […]

How to Submit a PPC Violation


Today we’ll discuss a very important topic that is relevant to all Merchant Programs on ShareASale: PPC Violations. Before we get started, let’s first explain what a PPC Violation is for those less familiar with the term. What is a PPC Violation? There are Merchants who run in-house Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns on search engines such […]

Stay Organized with Baskets

shopping cart

Affiliates, are you looking for a way to organize the Merchants and products you found through the Merchant Search? Well look no further, because we have a handy tool just for that – Baskets! Baskets help organize the Merchants and products you searched for inside your account. And what’s better, multiple baskets can be created […]

Monthly Payment Review

calculating numbers

The ShareASale Monthly Payment Review is a time-saving report that provides Merchants with vital information about commissions that will be paid to Affiliates on the upcoming payment day. We strongly recommend Merchants use this report to review all upcoming transactions and commission payouts to make sure they are accurate and valid. While transactions can be […]