Datafeeds In Action

Product Showcase ShareASale

I mentioned datafeeds in my 5 Tools Every Affiliate Should be Using post, so let’s take a look at a couple creative uses of product links from other affiliates on the network. Green Wedding Shoes Blog The shop section on is a great example of how to utilize a product datafeed. The layout is […]

6 Ways to Find Product Datafeeds in your Affiliate Account

Affiliates – you probably know all about banners, text links, and other traditional creatives, but what is this business about “datafeeds” everyone is talking about? What are they, and how are they useful?  A datafeed is simply a list your merchants provided of their products, in a standardized format. Each row is a product, and […]

Merchants – 5 Ways to Make Your Program Stand Out

Affiliate programs are plentiful and the program manager’s goal is to get their program in front of the best affiliates. The competition can be stiff, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, quite the opposite is true. There are many ways affiliate managers can draw attention to their program to help it stand out […]

Product Datafeed Best Practices

If you work as an Affiliate Manager for a retailer on ShareASale, you’ve probably seen the word “Datafeed” before, and may be wondering … What is that!? Datafeeds account for a full 5-10% of all conversions tracked on ShareASale… which means that if you aren’t providing your Affiliates a detail-rich datafeed with which to work, […]

ALERT: New Datafeed Fields – 9/16


New Datafeed Fields – Mobile URL/Image/Thumbnail On 9/16 ShareASale will release three new fields to the affiliate product datafeed. These new fields will be in columns 42, 43 and 44, which were previously “Reserved for Future Use”. The three new fields are for mobile optimization: MobileURL: A ShareASale tracking URL that will deliver the end […]

#Q4Prep – Get your Datafeeds Ready

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Datafeeds are critical to the overall success of a retail based Affiliate Program.  They allow Affiliates to market specific products or sub-sets of products with up to date and rich data.   Take a look below at 3 posts from this year that walk you through this important piece of #Q4Prep How to Create a […]

Building A Product-Based Blog Post with Datafeeds

Earlier this month, Emilee discussed the Building Blocks for Compelling Content. She impressed the importance of  weaving Affiliate links into your post in an unobtrusive manner specifically using product links from Merchant Product Datafeeds. Let’s expand on this idea with a little 101 Tutorial: How to Add Product Links to a Blog Post.   Emilee’s […]

Datafeeds: Fun Fact Numbers!

DATAFEEDS:  The successful foundation to many successful Affiliate sites. Ok, that’s not the Webster dictionary definition of the term “datafeed,” but I’m here today with some stats and compelling reasons why you should be using a datafeed; that is if you aren’t already! (Not familiar with what I’m referring to when I say “Datafeed”? Start […]

Common Datafeed Oops!

Today is all about Datafeeds! “Woot, Woot!” I will be pointing out a few common mistakes (“Oops”) we see when processing files that will cause a datafeed upload to fail. Many product based Merchants create a datafeed to be competitive and give their Affiliates the tools to further promote their site. Let’s break this down to […]

FTP Application Timesavers


In my 1st #THEINTERFACE post I shared a few new time saving additions that we had added to put a little more time back in your day. Here are a few more “timesavers” we have added to our Affiliate and Merchant FTP process to do the same!     The first FTP timesaver is the […]