Increase Quality Sales Through Attribution: A How To Guide

Best Practices: Attribution and Segmentation

As a Merchant, you want to make sure that you are rewarding the right Affiliates for the sales they drive. It sounds easy enough, right? Here at ShareASale we have several tools to help ensure that your Affiliates are receiving credit where credit is due. It’s simple, organized and will help you build strong relationships […]

Tip of The Day by ShareASale

Tip of the Day by ShareASale

Get quick tips on Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing and Blogging from ShareASale! For additional information on each tip, click the image. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Looking for some great ideas for providing Affiliates with incentive? Check out some suggestions here: Tuesday, […]

New Merchant? 7 Additional Things To Do Now

After completing the items in the “New Merchant? 10 Things to do NOW” post, it is time to move on to more advanced strategy in your account. ShareASale offers a number of tools and features beyond the basics to help you customize and personalize your Affiliate program. 1. Analyze the Competitors Prospective Affiliates will compare […]

Merchants: Coupons & Deals Database Best Practices

If you are a merchant who would like to provide coupons or deals to your affiliates to promote, you will want to check out our Coupon & Deals Database. This database is the easiest way for affiliates to find your available deals and the best way for them to receive the links. Why? For one, […]

Product Datafeed Best Practices

If you work as an Affiliate Manager for a retailer on ShareASale, you’ve probably seen the word “Datafeed” before, and may be wondering … What is that!? Datafeeds account for a full 5-10% of all conversions tracked on ShareASale… which means that if you aren’t providing your Affiliates a detail-rich datafeed with which to work, […]

3 Common Questions from Incoming and New Merchants

Being a part of the Sales Team at ShareASale, I get asked numerous questions from incoming Merchants about our Affiliate base. These are the Top 3 I hear most frequently: What kind of Affiliates do you have? Should I approve all Affiliates that apply to my program? How can I build up my Affiliate base? […]

#BestOf2013 – ShareASale CheatSheet – Life hacks for your ShareASale Account

1. Affiliate List Pre-defined Filters For Merchants – From your “Affiliate List” Report, there are pre-defined filters for common (and useful) searches including “By State”, “All Pending”, and “New Since ../../… “ 2. Save Running Reports and Save Time! 3. Advanced and Customized Commissions Did you know you could create commissions based on what coupon […]

#HowTo – How to Implement a Custom Coupon and Coupon Affiliate Strategy

By Matt Enders Matt Enders is the CEO of MGECOM, Inc. ( | | 866.494.7183). Matt began his career in affiliate management in early 2002. He founded MGECOM in March 2006 and has driven its aggressive growth since then, to become a top ranked and leading outsourced affiliate program management firm. MGECOM specializes in […]

#Q4Prep – 4 Things Never to Do in Q4

1. Merchants: Don’t Go Offline in Q4 This may sound obvious, but I’m not talking about having a website go offline, I’m talking about specifically with ShareASale – keep your balance above $0 so that your Affiliate Program stays online and Affiliates can continue to send you traffic and customers. ShareASale offers “Auto-Deposit” which allows […]