Create Strategies, Not Excuses!


Any Affiliate Program manager can attest to the fact that running a successful Merchant Program is sometimes hectic and stressful. However, they will also say it can be immensely rewarding, especially as you see Affiliate partners finding success and bringing new customers and sales. However, no one can simply stumble upon this success. It comes […]

Tip of the Day: Banner Performance Report


Merchants, have you ever been curious to see what one of your banners is performing the best over a specific time frame?  Do you know how easy it is to find the banner/text link/product link/coupon or deal making the most commissions for you? Let me introduce you to the Banner Performance Report! The report allows […]

Rockstar Affiliate Series


Our Rockstar Affiliates series highlights various Affiliate accounts on the Network.  The goal is to show our Merchants how diverse the Affiliate space is and offer a glimpse at some of the unique sites that Affiliates have developed in an effort to better promote you!  Throughout the series, you will see a brief interview / questionnaire from […]

Rockstar Affiliate: FMTC


1. What is your elevator pitch – briefly stated, who is FMTC? FMTC is a content aggregation service for Affiliates. We work with 24 different networks and data­sources to collect 200,000+ deals from 9,900+ advertisers. All of these deals are tested, standardized, and categorized, then provided to our clients. 2. How long has FMTC been in […]

[Whitepaper] Your Guide to Create a 12-Month Newsletter Calendar


We often hear, “How can I keep my Affiliates engaged and active in the program?” Answer: Keep them in the loop! The old saying is true: communication is key. We always direct Merchants toward the newsletter tool to maintain consistent communication with your Affiliates. But perhaps before you start sending out emails left and right, you should build a […]

The Ultimate Black Friday + Cyber Monday Guide for Merchants – Part III


Undoubtedly, you’ve spent hours planning and setting up for the Q4 craze.  Don’t just set it up and then  leave it.  Make sure to evaluate and look at some reporting so that you know what to do next year!  What worked and what didn’t work?  Figure it out! While each Merchant program is different and […]

The Ultimate Black Friday + Cyber Monday Guide for Merchants – Part II


This season, especially Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are all about the deals. We know that you got them, so input them into our database so that the Affiliates know about them too!  Make your deals competitive, creative and irresistible!  Above all, don’t forget to add them to our Deals Database: Black Friday/Cyber Monday Edition. […]

The Ultimate Black Friday + Cyber Monday Guide for Merchants – Part I


As the true “shop until you drop” days creep closer, is your website ready? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days of the entire year. Cyber Monday 2015 recorded $3.01 billion dollars worth of transactions and Black Friday was close behind with $2.72 billion dollars in e-commerce sales alone! Every year is […]

5 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Strategy in Q4


  In 2015, the average Retailer sent 26% more email during the fourth quarter compared to the previous year, so we can only expect the momentum to continue in 2016. While you may already have a stable email strategy and a streamlined content process, any marketer can attest that the pressure of Q4 has the power to […]

Rockstar Affiliate: Harvard Homemaker


1.  What is your elevator pitch – briefly stated, who is HarvardHomemaker? “Harvard Homemaker” is a Harvard graduate and stay-at-home mom to four girls who blogs about ways to make life easier, happier, and more fun.  2.  How long has HarvardHomemaker been in business? I have been blogging for just over three years. My site […]