Merchant Coupon Strategy

Take control of your coupon strategy! We have tools and settings to perfect and enhance your program. Coming soon. Please email us for more information on this topic.    Additional Resources   Affiliate Compliance – ShareASale Blog Your program agreement is your contract with the affiliate partners you are working with. If you have any […]

Affiliate Compliance

Your program agreement is your contract with the affiliate partners you are working with. If you have any restrictions you would like to implement, special commission tiers, or terms beyond what ShareASale includes in the network agreement, it should be laid out in this document. In order to void sales or transactions because an Affiliate […]

When and How to Schedule Creatives

Are you looking for a way to save time when planning your creative schedule on ShareASale? Stay organized and get ahead of your holiday creative updates and preparations for upcoming sales or promotions. Scheduling creatives is a simple and quick process that will have you set up for weeks to come! You can schedule creatives […]

Understanding the Column Manager

Many of our new reports feature a column manager which allows for enhanced customization and more data options. You will find this right above the report table on the right-hand side of the screen We have introduced many new data fields that give you information about conversion and attribution. Here are the definitions of the […]

Tip of the Day: Featured Placements

ShareASale Featured Placements are an excellent way for Merchants to recruit new Affiliate Partners. Our Client Services team has many different options that the Merchant can choose from to upsell their program and gain better exposure in the ShareASale Network. Some of these options include: Holiday Center – Showcase your program during a holiday or […]

Best Way to Customize Your Homepage

A few years back when ShareASale revamped the interface, we realized that every person is different and has different ways they like to access their information.   One of the best updates to the interface (in my opinion) was adding the ability to customize the homepage. Within both the Merchant and Affiliate accounts, one can: Add […]

What is the most commonly asked question at ShareASale?

single key question

Happy March, everyone!  The month of #TheInterface has come to a close and we are moving on to a new month of daily posts.  March is the month of Real Life Examples and we’re calling it #RealLife!   Here on the support side of ShareASale we are asked hundreds of questions every day.   “What […]

Personal Commission Rules Updated!


I hope your hat has some strong elastic in it, because there is a big wind of change coming your way that is sure to blow that hat right off  your head! OK, that was a bit of an over dramatic intro, but needless to say I am pretty excited about today’s #TheInterface update which […]

Merchants – Preview your Program Bio!

bio handwritten

You might say I’m a little over-excited about today’s interface update: The Program Bio Preview. I’ve been anxiously waiting (as have the rest of the Merchant Development Team) for this little update – and it’s finally here. yay! It’s the simplest little update, but will allow Merchants to quickly preview and make changes to their […]