SWOT-Test Your Blog

  SWOT-Test Your Blog At the start of a new calendar year,  you probably feel compelled to refocus and realign your goals for the upcoming months – both personally and professionally. If you are like many lifestyle bloggers, the lines of your personal and professional lives are interconnected which makes it more important to take […]

Photoshop Tutorial – Light Leaks

  If you’re into photo editing apps, you may have seen some cool photo filters to overlay light textures onto your photos. There are three particularly awesome apps I recommend: PicLab, AfterLight and PicFx. My personal favorite is PicLab, because when you’re done layering light textures, you can add text over your image in a […]

#HowTo – How to Decorate your Home for the Holidays

If you’re anything like me, you’ll walk into a department store around the Holidays and want to buy every single item in sight to decorate your home. Everything is so delightful and festive, it brings a smile to your face – I mean, how can you turn away adorable little snowmen globes to put on […]

#HowTo – Plan A Great Trip

In my opinion, the best way to set yourself up for a great trip is to do a little research before jetting off so you know exactly where you need to be when and what you’re going to be doing.  I’m not suggesting you have every minute of every day scheduled out; you do that […]

#HowTo – How To Instagram With Photoshop

The instant accessibility of Instagram and its fabulous selection of pre-set filters can be a lot of fun to experiment with on the go. But what about those awesome pictures you want to spruce up from your photo library that are not on your phone? All Instagram filters are based on and modeled after some […]

#HowTo – How to Wrap Presents Like A Boss!

Who doesn’t love to receive a gift?! But how many of you actually know how to properly wrap a present? No worries, I’m here to teach you how to wrap a present like a boss! First, I want to quickly explain why.  Why is wrapping gifts so important?  It’s pretty!  It’s personal! It’s festive! It […]

#HowTo – How To Tie A Tie

How To Tie A Tie – Start How To Tie A Tie – Step 1 – flip over the big end How To Tie A Tie – Step 1 – slide the small end over the big How To Tie A Tie – Lift The Big End Up How To Tie A Tie – And […]