Building Blocks for Program Optimization


We developed a tool in Client Services to help us evaluate the status of a specific Merchant program. By status, I’m talking about getting a pulse on how well the program is optimized. Do they utilized tools and program settings to help get the most out of the program’s potential. The tool is called a […]

Reports & Tools that Every Agency Should Use

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog on how to become an agency in the ShareASale network.  Building on the concept of how to become a preferred network in our network, I wanted to point out today the reports and tools every agency should be using. By following this advice, you will be able to show […]

Building Blocks to Speedy Checks

Have you ever found an old check, completely lost a check or kicked yourself for forgetting to cash one? Have no fear!  ShareASale can reissue these forgotten checks for you.  However, there 3 simple steps you need to take to make the process as quickly as possible. 1. Collect Check Information Account Number Check Number […]

Building Blocks for Content Affiliates


Today I am going to share with you 3 tools that I use as building blocks for online content publishing. – for research, content creation, and organization. Themes.   I’ll share some ideas on how to design your blog with the future in mind. And I’ll return to Shareist to show you how […]

The Welcome Kit: A Building Block for a Solid Program

ShareASale Welcome Kit

Anytime a new Merchant starts a program there is the question of how to go about building a program that Affiliates will find attractive. If the program manager is new to Affiliate Marketing or even new to the ShareASale Network, this can seem to be a daunting task.Building a program from the ground up can […]

How to Become an Agency with ShareASale

Last month, ShareASale exhibited at the Internet Retailer Conference in Chicago. As the Agency Relationship Manager at ShareASale, the most common question I personally answered was,“How can my agency work with ShareASale?”. As agencies typically manage a number of different Affiliate Programs for Retailers/Merchants, their needs can vary greatly from a single Merchant Program. Today […]

Affiliate API Building Blocks

Many Affiliates could benefit from the ShareASale API’s powerful tools. The API can answer a number of different questions, the most popular being: Who are your best Merchants? What are the new banners, deals, and products among them? Do you have any links that are invalid and should be fixed? You can use the API […]

Building Your Affiliate Base – One Segment at a Time

Affiliate Base

When you launch an Affiliate Program, you will no doubt see a large volume of applications from Affiliates eager to promote your brand… but how do you make decisions on how to approve or decline individual applications?  What are your end goals?   Today’s post will focus on the individual segments that make up Affiliate […]

Building A Product-Based Blog Post with Datafeeds

Earlier this month, Emilee discussed the Building Blocks for Compelling Content. She impressed the importance of  weaving Affiliate links into your post in an unobtrusive manner specifically using product links from Merchant Product Datafeeds. Let’s expand on this idea with a little 101 Tutorial: How to Add Product Links to a Blog Post.   Emilee’s […]