ShareASale – The Week in Review

Wow, what a week!  While we catch our breath from Affiliate Summit West, we can’t help but laugh at all of the newly created memories and revel in the excitement of new contacts and conversations that will hopefully usher in new business in 2017. Here is a brief recap of notable events from the past few days: […]

Tip of the Day: Proper File Naming

Proper file naming is key to successful search optimization for your website, blog or online store. Improving your image SEO will help readers or potential customers find your products or content because your pages, or the images themselves, will rank higher in the search results. When naming an image file, make sure the name you choose […]

Best Super Bowl Commercial Recap

Best Super Bowl Commercial Recap Like everyone else – I greatly look forward to the creativity and thought that goes into the Super Bowl commercials.  Last night’s batch certainly did not disappoint and I wanted to offer my thoughts on the actual impact of these commercials with regards to the brands and their respective fan-bases. […]

How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

via: I recently presented my first keynote speech at Affiliate Summit East in New York City – it was a great experience and many people (thank you!) mentioned afterwards that I looked very comfortable or that I was a “good public speaker”…   Ha!  I laughed, let me tell you it was not always […]

Don’t Miss! Brian as Keynote Speaker of ASE15

via: Affiliate Summit   2015 marks a big milestone for ShareASale – our 15th year in business.  Not only are we celebrating an anniversary, but we are also proud to announce that ShareASale CEO & Founder, Brian Littleton, will be a keynote speaker at Affiliate Summit East 2015 on Monday, August 3, 2015 at the […]

Important Alert – Illinois Nexus Tax Law Ruled Void and Unenforceable

Today, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in the favor of the PMA (Performance Marketing Association), of which ShareASale is a Charter Member. The “Affiliate Nexus” or “Amazon” Tax is now null and void in Illinois. The Illinois Ruling – What Does It Mean To Me? 1. Advertisers may reinstate Illinois-based Affiliates Immediately The ruling by […]

Things I Miss About the Vintage Web

#1 Websites with ~ in them. My own personal page had one… I think I was:   Sadly, that goes nowhere now.   I’m sure it looked just as cool as this ~ website. via: Why tilde (~) should not be used in Web addresses (URLs) Check out this site detailing why […]

Watch the PMA Lawsuit v. State of Illinois in Action

Oral arguments in the Performance Marketing Association’s lawsuit were heard Wednesday (May 22nd) in Springfield, IL.   If you are an Affiliate Marketer, you need to listen to this.  The video can be found at the bottom of this post. UPDATE:  We won!  This law was found invalid by the Illinois Supreme Court.   Here are […]