Tip of the Day: Affiliate Profile Images

The ability to add your own personal brands logo or an image of yourself to your Affiliate account on ShareASale is a great way to gain recognition for your brand.  You will look more credible in the eyes of Merchants, as you have an established image that you put out to the Affiliate Marketing industry. […]

How to Grow Your Blog: Part 3 – Resources on Monetization

We have reached the final part in our ‘How to Grow Your Blog’ series. If you’ve been following along since Part One of ‘How to Start a Blog,’ I applaud you for sticking with me! I hope you have learned a lot and have become more comfortable using your blog and going “behind the scenes.” […]

How to Grow Your Blog: Part 2 – Popular Plugins

As many bloggers are probably aware, there are hundreds of different options for plugins available that help to grow your blog. Choosing which plugins to implement depends on what areas you will be focusing on. There are various components to blogging that all need a little love. I’m going to go over three specific parts […]

How to Grow Your Blog: Part 1 – Newsletter Setup

Following up on my ‘How to Start a Blog’ three part series, it’s now time to talk about how you can take your blog to the next level! There are many resources and tips available from ShareASale about maintaining your blog, but I want to discuss three main components that can help you grow your […]

How to Start a Blog: Part 2 – Get Web Hosting

Welcome back to the ‘How to Start a Blog’ three part series! If you’ve already bought your domain, congrats! The next task to check off your list for starting a blog is purchasing web hosting.  Get Web Hosting You have your domain name settled and purchased, now you’re ready to move on to the next […]

How to Start a Blog: Part 1 – Pick a Domain Name

There are numerous reasons as to why people start blogging. Maybe they want to be able to share their story with others in similar situations. Perhaps they want to use blogging as an outlet to earn extra income or maybe they simply enjoy writing! Whatever the reason may be, there are many benefits to blogging […]

Blog Audit: Get Your Blog Ready for Fall & Winter

The weather is starting to cool down and before we know it fall will be here! Your blog will change from posts about your favorite pool accessories and beach vacations. You will start to write about the kids back-to-school fashion or appetizers for the big Sunday football games. As you dive deeper into the fall […]

How to Recover from Blogging Burnout

Bloggers are some of the hardest working people out there (we could be a little biased).  Many bloggers maintain their blogs in addition to a 9-to-5, full-time job.  That means at the end of the day they don’t come home and “chill.”  They don’t sit on the couch and veg out or relax. These people […]

Tip of the Day: Know Your Readers!

As bloggers, our job is to cultivate content for our audience to keep them interested and coming back for more. Dedicated blogs crop up around a variety of topics: fashion, travel, kids or family life, food and so on. We can get so caught up trying to consistently publish new content that we fail to […]

August Blog Brainstorm

Are you stuck in a blogging rut? Here are some ideas to help you beat writers block and stay on top of your posts in August. August is packed with events, from the opening of the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janiero to quirky celebrations like International Beer Day, and Book Lovers Day. Let this […]