How to Grow Your Blog: Part 3 – Resources on Monetization

We have reached the final part in our ‘How to Grow Your Blog’ series. If you’ve been following along since Part One of ‘How to Start a Blog,’ I applaud you for sticking with me! I hope you have learned a lot and have become more comfortable using your blog and going “behind the scenes.” […]

How to Grow Your Blog: Part 2 – Popular Plugins

As many bloggers are probably aware, there are hundreds of different options for plugins available that help to grow your blog. Choosing which plugins to implement depends on what areas you will be focusing on. There are various components to blogging that all need a little love. I’m going to go over three specific parts […]

Tip of the Day: Write What You Love, Use Network Tools to Assist!

When it comes to our blogger and content partners, we always encourage people to create posts about topics that are familiar to them and about something they love. Why? Because it shows and readers seek authenticity.  It is easy to get caught up in click-bait or to create posts specifically engineered to catch buyers’ attention. […]

Tip of the Day: Use Fun Images to Engage Readers!

Are you looking for simple ways to make your blog stand out from the all the rest? One of the easiest things you can do is the simple application of graphics to posts! A lot of blogs can be very text heavy and can lose a reader’s interest. When a post has fun, bright graphics with content […]

Blog Audit: Get Your Blog Ready for Fall & Winter

The weather is starting to cool down and before we know it fall will be here! Your blog will change from posts about your favorite pool accessories and beach vacations. You will start to write about the kids back-to-school fashion or appetizers for the big Sunday football games. As you dive deeper into the fall […]

Find Your Niche: Your Blog Depends on It!

Even before starting a blog, the first step is to find your niche. Specifically, what are you going to blog about?  People can spend hours, days, even years before deciding on the perfect niche for their blog.  It is an important step – it is so important that your blog’s success and survival depend on […]

4 Reasons Why Your Content is Struggling

Don’t disappoint your readers with sad writing! It’s no surprise that upwards of 90% of businesses use content as part of their marketing strategy. For Bloggers and Affiliates, content is the core business proposition and producing quality writing is paramount to their success. But how often do marketers produce content that effectively delivers a message, […]

Blog Post Brainstorm: May

For many, May is going to be a very busy month, which can make curating fresh and current content for your blog nearly impossible. Check out these holidays and unique events that can give your blog the extra boost that you are looking for.  Let this Blog Post Brainstorm inspire your posts, and keep your […]

ShareASale Goes to BYBC 2016!

*See this original post on the BYBC 2016 Blog.  Want to learn more about making money with your blog? ShareASale is excited to be attending BYBC 2016 once again. We are host to over 4,000 Merchants who are looking to partner with content publishers just like you! In addition to helping you find valuable brand […]