#BestOf2013 – Top 10 ShareASale Posts of the Year 2013

Best Ways to Increase your Value as an Affiliate or Blogger This post lays out a series of tips and advice on how to increase your overall value – leading to higher commissions for your efforts! via: blog.shareasale.com Organize & Motivate Sign-ups From our #ConferenceSeason series, this post will show you how to prepare for […]

ShareASale’s Top 10 Kitchen Essentials

Office Manager aka “Den Mother.” Part of my job is organization.  I am the one who keeps the office relatively tidy, or at least I try. As a result, I spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen keeping things in order but more importantly, I make sure the kitchen is fully stocked and […]

Best Ways to Find Newsletter Inspiration

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Communication with Affiliates is essential in creating a successful program and lasting business relationships. Newsletters are a great way to both engage and activate Affiliates in your program by providing them with program updates, website changes, selling tips, popular products, seasonal deals, new industry trends and sales incentives. When speaking with Merchants about the Newsletter […]

Best Reports for Analyzing Campaign Impact


Have you ever pondered these types of questions: Which coupons perform better with my Affiliates? Do certain creatives generate more activity than others? Which performance incentives will bring about the best response from my Affiliates?   When it comes to analyzing impact and striving for the highest results through your program, these are some of the […]

Best Resources to Engage Affiliates Off Network

One of the most popular questions I receive from Merchants is, “How do I recruit quality new Affiliates or get my program noticed in ShareASale?” Excellent question and there are several ways. However, the Network, believe it or not, is not the only way to get recruit Affiliates and get your program noticed! [Gasp!] I […]

Best Way to Customize Your Homepage

A few years back when ShareASale revamped the interface, we realized that every person is different and has different ways they like to access their information.   One of the best updates to the interface (in my opinion) was adding the ability to customize the homepage. Within both the Merchant and Affiliate accounts, one can: Add […]

Best 3 Blogs That Help Me Most

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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”~Dr. Seuss I have been at ShareASale for three years.  In these three years, I have been responsible for providing some form of product support for ShareASale clients. As a part of that, I have […]

Best Way to Pick an Out-of-Town Venue


An event’s venue is like a first impression. Similar to meeting someone for the first time and getting that first impression, a venue is an event’s first impression. When your guests walk into the venue they are immediately looking for any clue as to how the event itself is going to unfold.  Besides the people […]

Best Q3 Holidays & Events


Are you experiencing a creative block trying to think of new marketing opportunities each month?   Take advantage of the endless creative ways you could use special events and occasions as an opportunity to create some fresh marketing buzz on your website. There are so many different kinds of cultural happenings that can be used […]