How to Grow Your Blog: Part 1 – Newsletter Setup

Following up on my ‘How to Start a Blog’ three part series, it’s now time to talk about how you can take your blog to the next level! There are many resources and tips available from ShareASale about maintaining your blog, but I want to discuss three main components that can help you grow your […]

SPANX: Exclusive on ShareASale Now Exclusive on ShareASale   Big news for our Affiliate partners! Highly coveted program,, announced today that their Affiliate program will run exclusively on beginning February 8th, 2017. is managed by Lab6 Media, who will be assisting Affiliates with any migration issues and helping new members navigate our platform and technology. “SPANX […]

How to Start a Blog: Part 2 – Get Web Hosting

Welcome back to the ‘How to Start a Blog’ three part series! If you’ve already bought your domain, congrats! The next task to check off your list for starting a blog is purchasing web hosting.  Get Web Hosting You have your domain name settled and purchased, now you’re ready to move on to the next […]

How to Start a Blog: Part 1 – Pick a Domain Name

There are numerous reasons as to why people start blogging. Maybe they want to be able to share their story with others in similar situations. Perhaps they want to use blogging as an outlet to earn extra income or maybe they simply enjoy writing! Whatever the reason may be, there are many benefits to blogging […]

5 Prerequisites to Publishing on your Blog

Writing quality content is a huge accomplishment and the first thing that you want to do after completing a blog post is to hit that “publish” button for its final send off. Don’t do it just yet! Blogging is much more than just writing and publishing. There are lots of other things to think about […]

2016 Tip of the Day Roundup

Get quick tips on Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing and Blogging from ShareASale! The internet and the Affiliate Marketing industry is ever changing. With so much stay up-to-date on and new things to learn, it can difficult to decide on where to start. Our “Tip of the Day” series is a great source for little snippets […]

New & Notable Merchants: December 20, 2016

Gift Card Spread 1.5% per Sale 1 Day Tracking Gap Gifts Category German Food Box $5 per lead 30 Day Tracking Gap Food/Drink Category iThemes Media 25% per Sale 30 Day Tracking Gap Webmaster Tools Category ‘Tis the season to be trading gift cards. Gift Card Spread allows you to buy or sell gift cards […]

A Blogger’s Guide to Holiday Survival & Success

The busyness of the holiday season always seems to make us forget that the end of another year is just around the corner! It seems as if we were just talking about how quickly last year went and then… BAM! Another year has come and (almost) gone. We recognize that some people can’t even start […]

January Blog Brainstorm

Happy (almost) New Year bloggers! Ring in the new year with a clean slate and a fresh outlook on your blog content. January is jam packed with hot topics, from inspiring New Year’s resolutions to the Golden Globe Awards and even Chocolate Cake Day – there is something for every reader! Use this roundup of New […]