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Merchants: Going to New York for Affiliate Summit?

by Sarah Beeskow Blay - July 29, 2014

We are packing our bags and gearing up for the largest Affiliate Marketing conference! It's always a great show for us and if you are also …

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Tagging and Segmentation Infographic

[Infographic] How Are Merchants Organizing and Segmenting Their Affiliates?

by Brian Littleton - April 30, 2014

Using affiliate tags is one of the best ways to interject personality into a program. With tags, affiliate managers are able to label their …

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Datafeed Tune Up Webinar

Free Slide Deck from ShareASale’s “Datafeed Tuneup Webinar”

by Ryan Frey - April 21, 2014

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar for a number of ShareASale Merchants entitled “Datafeed Tune Up”. We discussed the …

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What do I need to start an Affiliate Program? Part 5 of 5: A Budget

by Brian Littleton - April 14, 2014

Just like everything else in life, finding a place to start is often the hardest part!  In this section, we will outline five key …

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#GiftGuides for Affiliate Marketers – Foodies

by Nate Beal - October 19, 2014

This has to be a Foodie's favorite time of year with all the holiday parties coming up knowing that everyone will be rolling out their finest feasts for people to snack on and be wowed by. A Foodie knows …

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#GiftGuides for Affiliate Marketers – Beauty Queen

by Nate Beal - October 18, 2014

Winter is time for the Beauty Queens to shine no matter if they are out among a falling snow or on a sun kissed beach. From dresses and makeup, to jewelry and jackets. ShareASale Merchants have the perfect …

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#GiftGuides for Affiliate Marketers – Tech Gifts For Mom

by Nate Beal - October 17, 2014

This season many new tech gifts are being introduced and our Merchants have some great products available for the most special lady in your life, your Mother! From new iPhone cases to high tech vacuums, let …

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