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#HowTo – Free Yourself From Routine

by Stephanie Salomon - August 20, 2015

How to Break Out of the Rut of RoutineThis quote from acclaimed lyricist and author of The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho, hits close to home for …

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Conference Followup Checklist

by Erica Toren - August 13, 2015

Coming back to work after a conference is always a little daunting.  Not only have your emails piled up and your coworkers have lots of …

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Crafting the Perfect Recruitment Email

by Nate Beal - August 10, 2015

Crafting the Perfect Recruitment EmailOne of the biggest missteps that you can make as a Merchant is sending an ineffective Affiliate …

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Last Minute Tips for ASE15: Networking

by Stephanie Salomon - July 28, 2015

Networking is more complex than simply showing up to an event and shaking hands with like-minded people in your industry. It is a blend of …

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Must-Have Merchants: Back-To-School Textbooks

by Erica Toren - August 24, 2015

We all know that textbooks are expensive. The cost of college textbooks seems to be increasing each year driving more and more students to look for alternative ways to buy or rent textbooks.The College Board …

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How to Take Better iPhone Photos for Your Blog or Website

by Stephanie Salomon - August 18, 2015

How to Take Better iPhone Photos for Your Blog or WebsiteBrand marketers and bloggers rely heavily on photos and graphics as part of their content strategy because images appeal quickly to readers' emotions. …

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Must-Have Merchants: Back-To-School Fashion

by Erica Toren - August 17, 2015

Summer is coming to a close, which means that going back to school is on the horizon for all those students out there.  Whether they admit it or not, every single child puts thought into what they will wear …

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