SPANX: Exclusive on ShareASale Now Exclusive on ShareASale   Big news for our Affiliate partners! Highly coveted program,, announced today that their Affiliate program will run exclusively on beginning February 8th, 2017. is managed by Lab6 Media, who will be assisting Affiliates with any migration issues and helping new members navigate our platform and technology. “SPANX […]


What is FTP? FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is used to send computer files between a client and server on a computer network. On ShareASale, our FTP server hosts Merchant’s product datafeeds that Affiliates can request access to.   How do I use FTP with ShareASale? FTP is well known as a way to send bulk or very large […]

ShareASale – The Week in Review

Wow, what a week!  While we catch our breath from Affiliate Summit West, we can’t help but laugh at all of the newly created memories and revel in the excitement of new contacts and conversations that will hopefully usher in new business in 2017. Here is a brief recap of notable events from the past few days: […]

Gen 7 Interface Update

Gen 7 Interface Update At long last, it has arrived! We are excited to introduce the latest Gen 7 interface update. We hope this redesign will provide a more enjoyable experience while performing your daily management tasks and help you access data and tools quickly and easily.   Here are some of the highlights you can […]

Save Time with Approval Rules

There may be certain criteria in an Affiliates application that would mean an immediate “yes” or immediate “no” for your decision-making process. With Application Approval Rules, you can save time on reviewing applications by having the system automatically apply or decline an incoming application. You can find the Approval Rules Tab in the AFFILIATES section […]

Find New Affiliates with the Recruitment Tool

You can now access a database of  Affiliate contacts who are active on the ShareASale Network! We have hand-curated Affiliates based on categories or themes. From there you can sort and search for new prospective partners. Take me there! Here’s how it works: Here is an example of some of the categories you can search through […]

How to Use Videos

The ShareASale Video Creative Tool allows both Merchants and Affiliates to upload video files that can be used as Affiliate links. If Merchants are setting up the video, they can add “cue points” inside the videos to display product information at relevant times during the video. Common video content ideas include: Product reviews Product demonstrations […]

Adding a Custom Sign up Source

What is a signup source? If you are interested in tracking where your affiliate signups come from, you can use our “Signup Source” feature. Using a signup source, you can set up a rule to automatically approve their application, auto-assign a tag and generally help you organize and keep track of your affiliates. The source […]

Vanity Recruitment URL Creator

Your Co-Branded Recruitment URL is key for recruiting new Affiliates to join your program. Now you can edit this link and customize it to a friendly short link! If you like to track where your sign ups come from (either for organization purposes, help with application approvals, reporting or to generate an auto-tag) you can add […]

Resources Overview

ShareASale Wiki The ShareASale wiki is set up to be a way for Merchants and Affiliates to have common questions answered by ShareASale team members, industry experts, program managers, and even other Merchants and Affiliates! It’s a quick way to look for an answer to your question without having to login to your account and […]