How to Grow Revenue 20% in Q4

Consider this scenario: you are an Affiliate and starting to plan for Q4. Your manager tells you that the goal is to increase sales by 20% from Q4 the year before. You may be thinking, “What steps can I take now to make sure that I accomplish this goal?” Time is limited and choosing how to […]

Datafeeds In Action

Product Showcase ShareASale

I mentioned datafeeds in my 5 Tools Every Affiliate Should be Using post, so let’s take a look at a couple creative uses of product links from other affiliates on the network. Green Wedding Shoes Blog The shop section on is a great example of how to utilize a product datafeed. The layout is […]

Free Slide Deck from ShareASale’s “Datafeed Tuneup Webinar”

Datafeed Tune Up Webinar

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar for a number of ShareASale Merchants entitled “Datafeed Tune Up”. We discussed the best practices for creating a product datafeed on ShareASale, including: Explanation of a product datafeed Detail of use and importance Create and upload a simple feed Address common pitfalls Review […]

Common and Useful Ways To Utilize API For Coding Geniuses

ShareASale API Uses

Hi Savvy Affiliates! I’ve written a few posts about the API – from building blocks, to product search, and even real-world examples. What about all the other ways you could use the API to automate tasks and free up time? Let’s talk some common and useful ways to take advantage of the API. First – […]

6 Ways to Find Product Datafeeds in your Affiliate Account

Affiliates – you probably know all about banners, text links, and other traditional creatives, but what is this business about “datafeeds” everyone is talking about? What are they, and how are they useful?  A datafeed is simply a list your merchants provided of their products, in a standardized format. Each row is a product, and […]

5 Tools Every Affiliate Should Use on ShareASale

The most successful Affiliates take advantage of all the helpful tools at their disposal. ShareASale has many available, and here are five you can use today!   1. Affiliate-Defined Tracking Ever wonder how certain links, or groups of links you’re promoting are doing as a whole? Enter Affiliate-defined tracking.  That empty afftrack= value at the […]

#HowTo – How To Brew Different Tea Varieties for Fall

At ShareASale, I’m known around the office as the tea afficionado. Fall is the best season for tea-lovers, since so many unique flavors and varieties are released for just this time of year. However, unlike everyday coffee it’s important to brew teas according to their type and style for best enjoyment. Here are some basic […]

#Q4Prep – Announcing – ask, contribute, earn, and be recognized for your expertise!

During my time in the Affiliate Marketing industry I’ve had the fortune to interact with many talented individuals having a wealth of knowledge to share on all aspects of marketing and technology. I also have the ongoing opportunity to grow and work on side projects complementing my role as ShareASale Technical Lead. So for this upcoming Q4 […]

Affiliate API Building Blocks

Many Affiliates could benefit from the ShareASale API’s powerful tools. The API can answer a number of different questions, the most popular being: Who are your best Merchants? What are the new banners, deals, and products among them? Do you have any links that are invalid and should be fixed? You can use the API […]

Merchant API Building Blocks

API Building Blocks

Many Merchants could benefit greatly from the ShareASale API’s ability to automate common or repetitive tasks. However, its technical nature can be a barrier for some so let’s tap into our inner geek and explore the basic building blocks of a successful Merchant API request! Step #1: What do you want to do? Decide what […]