Reports by the Numbers


Continuing with our theme of #ByTheNumbers, I’m going to go over a few important numbers related to the Reports available to Merchants on the ShareASale Network. The 15th of Every Month This number is important – 15 – remember that one!   Every month on the 15th, the Monthly Payment Review report is released. Every […]

Common Datafeed Oops!

Today is all about Datafeeds! “Woot, Woot!” I will be pointing out a few common mistakes (“Oops”) we see when processing files that will cause a datafeed upload to fail. Many product based Merchants create a datafeed to be competitive and give their Affiliates the tools to further promote their site. Let’s break this down to […]

CSV on Merchant Reports


Happy Monday everyone! We’re getting through Chicago February arctic weather, but more than ready for spring! Let’s dive in, reporting options for quick results! We have added a report feature that gives you another option on how to pull the data you are currently viewing.  Let’s take the Transaction Detail Report as an example. When you want […]