Tip of the Day: Offer Bonuses!

One of the easiest ways to boost your program to Affiliates is to offer a simple signup bonus for joining your program. You won’t need to spend a lot of money. Rather, this is just a small way of saying “thank you” to that Affiliate for promoting your products that can go a long way […]

A Quick Guide: Sending Newsletters

A Quick Guide: Sending Newsletters ShareASale Merchant newsletters are a quick and easy way to contact groups or all of your Affiliates at one time with specific information that they need. Using either plain text or HTML allows you, the Merchant, to create a newsletter that matches the look and feel of your brand and […]

Tip of the Day: Set Up Auto Approval Rules to Save Time!

Today’s tip is all about saving you time when it comes to reviewing the many applications that will try to be a part of your Merchant Program.  First, you will want to open your Edit Account Settings page from your homepage and go to the Add Custom Approval Rules page near the bottom of the […]

Tip of the Day: Set Product Level Commissions

One of the most common questions we receive from our Merchants is “Can we set up different commission rates per product?”  The answer? YES! How do I do this? First, contact our Technical Department and let them know you are interested in adding “Product SKU Tracking.”  Most Merchant’s tracking only will report the order’s subtotal […]

The 3 Daily Habits of Every Successful ShareASale Merchant

Over the years, our Merchant Development team has noticed certain patterns and “habits” that our Merchants have used to build success inside their accounts. Making these three small tasks a daily habit can help with staying on top of your Affiliates, your account and having a better sense of understanding about how all your reports […]

Tip of the Day: Get Involved in the Affiliate Marketing Industry!

The Affiliate Marketing industry puts on a variety of conferences and events throughout the year that are full of educational sessions to benefit Affiliates, Merchants and agencies.  Regularly attending these events is a great way to expand your overall knowledge of the industry, fuel new strategic initiatives and engage in quality networking. There are ample opportunities […]

Tip of the Day: Webinars

ShareASale offers both Merchants and Affiliates free training with our online webinar sessions hosted by members of our Client Services team.  The following four webinars are great for both new members and veterans looking to revisit information to hone their skills in the ShareASale network.  Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers This webinar is run by Abby […]

Bring Your Affiliate Program Back to Life: Chapter 1

It is your first day of work as the Marketing Manager at your new company. As you are getting your desk set up, the boss comes in and asks you to look over the company’s Affiliate Program. She would like you to find out what state the account is in, and let upper management know […]

Tip of the Day: Communicate Program Changes

As a Merchant, there may be times when you need to make updates to your account. These updates can include items like commission rates, program agreements, contact name, auto approvals and more. Anytime you make one of these changes that will directly affect your Affiliates, we strongly suggest that you contact them through your account. […]