#GiftGuides for Affiliate Marketers – Yoga Masters


  More and more people are getting excited about yoga each year!  Yoga gear and accessories can make a great gift for someone who already loves yoga or someone who is fitness enthusiast. Everything Yoga“/> Everything Yoga EverythingYoga.com is a premier retailer of yoga mats, clothing, media and gear based in Richmond, Virginia. Everything Yoga […]

Best Practices for Creating A Custom Link

Best Practices Creating a Custom Link

Whether it is a specific category, product, or promotion page on a Merchant website, the goal is to direct your audience to the most relevant information to create action or drive a purchase. The ShareASale Custom Link tool will provide the option to create links for a Merchant and select the landing page you would […]

New Merchant? 7 Additional Things To Do Now


After completing the items in the “New Merchant? 10 Things to do NOW” post, it is time to move on to more advanced strategy in your account. ShareASale offers a number of tools and features beyond the basics to help you customize and personalize your Affiliate program. 1. Analyze the Competitors Prospective Affiliates will compare […]

New Merchant? 10 Basic Things to do NOW!


Affiliate Marketing is about building relationships. While building relationships you learn what works best for your program or methods your audience responds to. An Affiliate program needs to be ever-changing to meet Affiliate’s needs and engage your partners, but the initial step should be creating the best possible first impression by taking the time to […]

10 Travel Merchants You Need to Know


The Spring Break Travel season is quickly approaching, so it is time to start preparing those blog posts and promotions to feature on your website! The first step in preparing for travel season is finding and joining the Merchants that best fit your website along with those offering the products you would like to feature. […]

Engaging Affiliates After Q4


Now that Q4 has come to an end, it is time to focus on the relationships built during this time. Whether you would like to reach out to the top performing Affiliates in your program or those that are newly active in promoting your company/products (or both!), maintaining communication throughout the year is imperative in […]

#HowTo – How to Segment Newsletters Using Tags on ShareASale


From Homepage to ‘Send Newsletter’ Use ‘Affiliates’ Tab from the account homepage Select ‘Send Newsletter’ icon Create a Newsletter Recipients Section Select the top, grey row titled ‘Recipients’ Select Tag Group Use the ‘Tags’ drop down to select group to remove from recipient list Select ‘Search’ below Edit Recipient List The Affiliates in the specificed […]

Lessons Learned: Featured Programs

Featured Program

Superbowl Sunday commercials are the most watched, most anticipated, and most expensive advertisements of the year. In return, many of the sponsors receive a huge brand lift, which may depend on their previous recognition and how appealing their advertisement is to consumers.  The goal of any advertisement, whether on TV or online, is to gain […]

Create Your Own HTML Program Bio

HTML Program Bio Template

Making a great first impression is part of communication training 101. A great impression can be crucial in the business world because a bad first impression can be, at times, nearly impossible to reverse. Therefore, it is important to take time to think about create a polished message whenever and wherever your business will be […]

Best Ways to Find Newsletter Inspiration

Newsletter blue button

Communication with Affiliates is essential in creating a successful program and lasting business relationships. Newsletters are a great way to both engage and activate Affiliates in your program by providing them with program updates, website changes, selling tips, popular products, seasonal deals, new industry trends and sales incentives. When speaking with Merchants about the Newsletter […]