Must-Have-Merchants: Sweet Tooth

Valentine’s Day may be tomorrow, but our love for all things sweets and candy spans the whole month of February (and all year long, really)! Write up a blog post to tempt your readers with their favorite guilty treats. These ShareASale Merchants offer everything from monthly candy subscriptions to one-of-a-kind goodies.  1. Angell and Phelps […]

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just one week away now, but don’t worry, we are here to help you find those last minute gifts for the special people in your life! In 2016 shoppers spent a whopping 19.2 billion dollars on the holiday as a whole. Capture the online shoppers with a themed blog post and this great […]

Seal These Deals: Valentine’s Day

Another holiday, a whole new round-up of deals! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the ShareASale Coupons and Deals Database. Search key terms such as “Valentines and Valentine’s Day” within your Affiliate interface and find the latest selection of your favorite Merchant’s holiday themed deals. Don’t forget, if you subscribe to the Deals Database RSS Feed, you will […]

Must-Have- Merchants: Super Bowl Prep

The football game itself, the food, the halftime show and commercials – sports fan or not, the Superbowl is the perfect excuse to stock up on your favorite gear and throw a party. These ShareASale Merchants have all of the sports necessities (even for the teams that didn’t quite make it this year)!   1. Fanatics – ID […]

If I Were Stranded on a Desert Island, I Would Bring…

If you were stranded on an island and had to choose just 6 of your very favorite ShareASale Merchant products (no matter how practical or impractical), what would you choose? We asked Sebastian, a new ShareASale Launch Specialist, what would be on his survival short-list and here is what he said:   1. A Food Box […]

Must-Have-Merchants: Get Crafty

Jump into the new year with some fresh craft ideas and inspiration. For those of us that need a little help, and for all of those crafty minds out there, check out these six ShareASale Merchants with project ideas and products for painting, knitting, photography, stamping and much more!   1. – ID #68994 – 10% […]

February Blog Brainstorm

Pop-Culture Events in February February 2 = Ground Hog Day February 5 = Super Bowl February 12 = Grammy Awards February 14 = Valentine’s Day February 20 = Presidents Day February 26 = Academy Awards February 28 = Mardi Gras Unique Events in February February 4 = World Cancer Day February 5 = World Nutella Day […]

Must-Have-Merchants: Indoor Activities For Kids

Are you running out of creative ideas to keep your kids occupied this winter? Join these Merchant programs and help little imaginations soar! The kids won’t mind being stuck inside all day if it means they get to explore crafts from all over the world, or grow their very own rock crystals.  1. Imagine Toys – ID […]

Must-Have-Merchants: Game Night

Hosting a good old-fashion game night with friends and family is the best way to beat the winter time blues. The best part? You can pull out your favorite board games and pop some popcorn with little to no planning at all! These ShareASale Merchants can help you stock up on board games, themed treats […]

Best Memes of 2016

2016 has been quite a year! The year has come and gone, leaving us with several hilarious internet crazes and memes that we couldn’t help but look back at one more time. Through the good and bad of 2016, these viral posts have kept us laughing all year long. Check out  some of our favorites. […]