Share Your Spring LookBook Art on Instagram and Win!


Share Your Spring Lookbook Art on Instagram and Win! We are so excited to have just released our newly renamed, ShareASale Merchant Lookbook. The spring edition features Merchants that inspire a clean slate, and a fresh start for spring. Also unique about this Spring 2017 edition – It’s a coloring book! We would love to see […]

Tip of the Day: Guest Posts


Every blogger on the planet craves one thing: good content. As a blogger, you probably know how difficult it can be to come up with fresh ideas on the daily. Guest posts should be seen as an extension of your content strategy, not an excuse to get out of writing!  In fact, guests posts can […]

New & Notable Merchants: January 10, 2017


Bombay Shirt Company 10% per Sale 30 Day Tracking Gap Clothing Category BedJet 8% per Sale 60 Day Tracking Gap Home & Garden Category PixelYourSite 20% per Sale 30 Day Tracking Gap Webmaster Tools Category Bombay Shirt Company puts a tailor in your web browser with its cool custom shirt editor.  With the ability to […]

Guided Launch Spotlight Series


This year, our Client Services Department started the Guided Launch program. The goals of this program are contained in three main points. Provide guidance to New Merchants or to reinvigorate a current program that may be stagnant.   Increase understanding of the ShareASale tools/features – take full advantage of the interface.  Help understand proper program […]

Tip of the Day: Find Relevant Brands with Merchant Search


Blogs are a great resource for finding information about locations, products, brands, or specific subjects. They have become a go-to source for many people. As a part of sharing information, bloggers are often looking for like-minded brands that may have products or creatives that can help accentuate their websites. Finding the right partnerships between brands and […]

Datafeed Optimization


So, you already have a Datafeed, huh? While your Datafeed may be up to date and set up properly, we urge you to examine the fields of information that you are sending. Many of our network tools pull information from the recommended (read: not required) fields so your Datafeed may not be as effective for Affiliates […]

Recruitment Best Practices Updated


Auto Deposit: Many affiliates only work with programs that have set up auto deposit because it serves as a safety net to ensure the merchant will always have the funds to pay the affiliate commissions. Enable Auto Deposit Search Keywords: In your account settings, you will see a section for Search Keywords (below the link […]

Affiliate Compliance


Your program agreement is your contract with the affiliate partners you are working with. If you have any restrictions you would like to implement, special commission tiers, or terms beyond what ShareASale includes in the network agreement, it should be laid out in this document. In order to void sales or transactions because an Affiliate […]

How Do Payments Work?


How Do Payments Work? Let’s be honest, we’re all here to make some money! Affiliates are working hard to promote their Merchant partners with links, encouraging readers to click and buy. Merchants are working day and night to make sure their Affiliates are rewarded for the effort! It’s a beautiful model and everyone wins, as […]