Seal These Deals: Black Friday & Cyber Monday #6


More deals are rolling in and Cyber Monday will be here before you know it! Keep your eyes on the special Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals section within your Affiliate Interface. For live new coupon and deal notifications, subscribe to the Deals Database RSS Feed. Don’t miss out! Black Friday & Cyber Monday BlowOut! Get 20% OFF On Your […]

December Blog Brainstorm


The holidays are busy enough, don’t let blogging weigh you down! Before things get too hectic, sit down and enjoy the great things to write about this season. You’ll be glad that you did!  We hope that these holidays, events and quirky celebrations provide some inspiration for you as you plan ahead for all the […]

Share Your Winter Catalog on Instagram and Win!


We are so excited to have just released the latest edition of our ShareASale Merchant Catalog and Magazine. What better way to celebrate its release than with an Instagram contest? Entering is easy, just jump on your Instagram and follow 4 simple steps to win a ShareASale surprise goodie bag. Trust us, you don’t want to […]

Rockstar Affiliate Series


Our Rockstar Affiliates series highlights various Affiliate accounts on the Network.  The goal is to show our Merchants how diverse the Affiliate space is and offer a glimpse at some of the unique sites that Affiliates have developed in an effort to better promote you!  Throughout the series, you will see a brief interview / questionnaire from […]

Tip of the Day: How to Keep Track of Merchant Email Addresses


So you have been in the Affiliate game for a while now and you have a solid list of Merchants. You promote them well but you are looking for better ways to organize your Affiliate life, starting with your Merchant contacts. ShareASale makes it simple to keep track of contact information for the Merchant programs […]

If I Were Stranded on a Desert Island, I Would Bring…


If you were stranded on an island and had to choose just 6 of your very favorite ShareASale Merchant products (no matter how practical, impractical, or fictitious they may be), what would you choose? We asked Aaron, ShareASale Sales Specialist, what would be on his survival short-list and here is what he chose: 1. My Side Of […]

November Blog Brainstorm


Bring on the Holiday season! Now is the perfect time to get a jump-start on your content calendar. Before you know it, Thanksgiving and the following holidays will be days away. Use this post to guide you and to keep your readers up-to-date on the coming month’s big and small holidays!   Pop Culture Events in […]

Tip of the Day: Seasonal Banners


Q4 is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about your creatives that you will have available this season for Affiliate use and promotion success.  We recommend on top of your normal creatives to have a selection of themed creatives that follow along with the holidays of the season. Major holidays such as Halloween, […]

Tip of the Day: Set Up Autodeposit to Stay Online!


As we start the fourth quarter of the year and the holiday season that it entails, it will be crucial that your Merchant program remains online and funded. Any downtime, especially this time of year, can cause Affiliates to leave your program as they search for a more stable Merchant to work and make money […]

#GiftGuides: Gifts for the Fashionable Family


Finding the perfect gift for the fashionable family can be a challenge! Use these ShareASale Merchants to find trends that every member is sure to love. They have a huge selection of unique and up-to-date fashion that will keep the whole family looking on point this holiday season. *Our roundup of 2016 Gift Guides are […]