6 Tools Bloggers Should Be Using!


6 Tools Bloggers Should Be Using! If you have been following our blog closely over the past couple years, you may remember our previous post called ‘5 Tools Every Affiliate Should Use on ShareASale.’ Well, I have good news for you Affiliates out there! ShareASale recently added and made improvements to our Affiliate and blogger-friendly […]

3 Common Questions from Incoming and New Merchants


Being a part of the Sales Team at ShareASale, I get asked numerous questions from incoming Merchants about our Affiliate base. These are the Top 3 I hear most frequently: What kind of Affiliates do you have? Should I approve all Affiliates that apply to my program? How can I build up my Affiliate base? […]

#HowTo – How to Decorate your Home for the Holidays


If you’re anything like me, you’ll walk into a department store around the Holidays and want to buy every single item in sight to decorate your home. Everything is so delightful and festive, it brings a smile to your face – I mean, how can you turn away adorable little snowmen globes to put on […]

#Q4Prep – Merchants: Get your Content Updated In Time!


As we all know, Q4 has some of the biggest holidays and events that increase online spending and bring millions of consumers to spend their money online.  These few months are a great opportunity to connect with your Affiliates in a deeper, more profitable way.  Below we are going to share some awesome tips on […]

Building Blocks for Giving Your Invitation Impact


Along with complimentary features, ShareASale realizes it is important for Merchants to be able to access high potential Affiliates. We have an Affiliate Invitations Tool that sends private invitations to top performing Affiliates in a category that are not yet in your program. You will be able to set criteria based on category commission rank, […]

Best Affiliate Marketing Resources


When I first entered the Affiliate Marketing Industry a year ago, I knew right away I had a lot to learn and tons of information to absorb. My first few weeks at ShareASale were spent familiarizing myself with not only our platform, but the industry as a whole. I stumbled upon many great (and free) […]

#16. Staying Focused & Organized


So you’re registered for a conference and you’ve booked your hotel and travel plans! Now what? Preparation isn’t close to being done. Conferences can be very overwhelming, especially for first-time attendees. One of the most important aspects of preparing for a conference is to create a solid game plan and stay organized, or you won’t […]

#9. Things To Do On the Way To the Conference

planes trains bus

Whether you’re flying, driving, training or busing to your next conference, I have compiled some ideas of things to keep you busy and make your commute less painful!     Go over your last minute checklist Review your conference checklist to make sure you are as prepared as possible prior to arriving at the conference. […]

Merchant Sign-ups #ByTheNumbers


Did you know…? 85 The average number of Merchants that go live on ShareASale in a given month  3,831  To date, the number of live Merchants on ShareASale 39 How many different Merchant categories we offer 132 and 19 During the first week of April, 132 Merchants began the set-up process with ShareASale. That’s an […]