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The ShareASale Blog is maintained by Brian Littleton, President and CEO of ShareASale.com, Inc.   We encourage participation, open dialog, and free thinking comments!  Please try to be respectful of others but otherwise comment to your heart's content and we will be happy to chat with you here.

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About Our Writers
Brian Littleton

Brian Littleton

CEO / President


How Brian Spends Time:

Brainstorming & Creating61 %

Playing Piano4 %

Industry Advocating33 %

How Sarah Spends Time:

Helping Clients90 %

Singing5.7 %

Dreaming of Dachshunds4.3 %

Sarah Beeskow Blay

Director of Client Services

“I provide strategic guidance to clients…until I become a fulltime explorer.”

Sarah Beeskow Blay
Mike Littleton

Mike Littleton

Chief Technology Officer

"Customized Solutions Drive Performance."

How Mike Spends Time:

Developing Tools28 %

Testing67 %

000100 11000015 %

How Ryan Spends Time:

Solving Problems44 %

Tech Reading33 %

Car Racing23 %

Ryan Stark

Tech Lead

"Get to know ShareASale’s technical side – datafeeds, and APIs, and tracking. Oh, my!"

Ryan Stark
Chris Rueckert

Chris Rueckert

Launch Manager

"I setup merchant programs so that they can succeed and grow"

How Chris Spends Time:

Implementing Merchants 40 %

Building Tracking Plans45 %

Data Crunching 15 %

How Stephanie Spends Time:

Overanalyzing copy61 %

Browsing stock photos30 %

Doodling9 %

Stephanie Salomon

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

" I help build the bridge between our technology and people. "

Stephanie Salomon
Kristen Gajda

Kristen Gajda

Merchant Development Manager

"I help Merchants find ways to better optimize their programs! Need help with yours?"

How Kristen Spends Time:

Chatting with Merchants53 %

Sports Enthusiast26 %

Fitness Junkie21 %

How Morgan Spends Time:

Program Strategy45 %

Merchant Outreach35 %

Ohio U Fan20 %

Morgan Miller

Development Specialist

"Looking to boost your program? Let me show you how!"

Morgan Miller
Nate Beal

Nate Beal

Communications Manager

"Brand Enhancer, Editor, Writer, Developer of Merchant Catalogs and other Marketing Campaigns."

How Nate Spends Time:

Writing PR Posts35 %

Tweeting50 %

Train Chasing15 %

How Erica Spends Time:

Organizing the Office 22 %

Eating Candy19 %

Conference Planning 59 %

Erica Toren

Office & Events Coordinator

"As the organizer extraordinaire, I am your go-to for all ShareASale conferences and events!"

Erica Toren
Tiffany Tse

Tiffany Tse

Agency Relationship Manager

"I help Agency and OPM partners get the most out of their ShareASale relationship. Wondering if you’ll be a good fit for ShareASale? Just ask!"

How Tiffany Spends Time:

Helping Agencies54 %

Training and Development29 %

Moonwalking19 %

How Abby Spends Time:

Showing off tools58 %

Helping with strategy34 %

Playing Volleyball8 %

Abby Schaller

Blogger Liaison

" Are you a blogger looking to monetize? Let’s schedule a time to chat!"

Abby Schaller