Tip of the Day: Holiday Center Program Boost

Let’s talk program boosts – aka more exposure!

First up – Holiday Center Program Boost.

To get started, log into the Program Boost center from your Merchant homepage.

Below is the Program Boost page. From here, you can choose a number of different options to get your program better recognition, find easier ways to recruit Affiliates, be promoted on ShareASale’s social media outlets, and much more. You have two options, Interface Placement Boosts and Client Services Boosts.

Let’s focus first on the “Holiday Center” boost at the top left.

Holiday Center

When writing holiday specific blog posts, Affiliates are able to search for new Merchant partners by Holiday. Using the Holiday Center Program Boost, a brand is able to promote not only their program, but also products that fit with a specific holiday

A candy Merchant, for example, would probably opt to be in the Easter and Halloween Holiday categories, putting themselves in the spotlight for those dates

ShareASale has over 25 categories in the Holiday Center to choose from! When signing up, you are able to supply a creative to the category of your choosing and you may join as many as you wish! 
Here is the pricing breakdown:

1 Holiday Category – $100

2 Holiday Categories – $175

3 Holiday Categories – $225

Each Additional Category – $75

Each purchase is good for 1 year from the time of purchase and can be renewed at that time. 

Affiliates can see each holiday through their interface. This starts approximately 2-3 months before the occurrence of the holiday.

Our category list is not set in stone. If you can think of an unlisted Holiday that you want to promote, please contact us and we will help set that up for you!


From the Affiliate’s Point-of-View…

There are a number of ways that an Affiliate will discover you through this program boost:  

1. On the homepage in the “To-Do” list panel, there is a quick link to the Holiday Center.  

2. On the actual Merchant Search section, there are two different ways to navigate to the Holiday Center features. 

Once they click into a holiday, your program will be front and center with the copy of your choice and relevant program info.