Tip of the Day: Cash Your Checks Within 90 Days!

Our most frequently asked questions often revolve around receiving payments. This makes sense, since making money is the reason why most people use affiliate marketing. Among these commonly asked payment questions is “How long will my check be valid from the issue date?”

Always remember:

Commission checks are valid for 90 Days from the issue date.

Once the 90 days has passed, the check will be void, meaning you won’t be able to cash it any longer. We understand that sometimes checks aren’t cashed or put into accounts for various reasons, such as losing them under a stack of papers, simply forgetting to run it by the bank or maybe your dog ate the check.

Whatever the reason, don’t worry! If you missed the 90-day window to cash it, we can send you a new payment. Just contact our support team from inside your account’s help center.

You’ll need specific information to send with the check reissue request.

  • Account Number
  • Check Number
  • Original Date Check was Issued
  • Amount on the Check

You can find all this information in your “Past Revenue Report” under the Payments tab of your Affiliate homepage. Once this is collected, contact us with the request and we will be happy to assist with the check payment!

*Pro Tip:  Sign up to receive payments via Direct Deposit and you won’t have to ever remember to cash another commission check from us!