How to Recover from Blogging Burnout

Bloggers are some of the hardest working people out there (we could be a little biased).  Many bloggers maintain their blogs in addition to a 9-to-5, full-time job.  That means at the end of the day they don’t come home and “chill.”  They don’t sit on the couch and veg out or relax. These people come home and get right back to work.  Their minds are constantly racing, collecting information and inspiration, constantly thinking about the next big thing they are going to write about.

Often times, bloggers are wearing all the hats required to run a successful small business. They rise early or stay up til the wee hours of the night editing photos, scheduling out social shares, proof-reading copy or responding to partner emails and offers. They are the biz dev department, the creative department, the content department and everything in between. These people are hustlers!

It is because of this hard work and unrelenting dedication that they run the risk of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.  With little to no downtime. Burnout is a real threat – not only to the individual, but to the success of the blog.

So, how to you deal with blogging burnout?  Here are some tips:

1.  Say No!

Seriously.  Learning when to say “No” does not immediately translate into failure or stagnation.   Don’t feel obligated to go to every single conference, work with every brand that reaches out, or respond to every single social media comment. In fact, being selective and occasionally turning down opportunities can help elevate and fortify your brand. When you’re in the process of building something that you’re passionate about it is difficult to say no, but crucial to long term success! Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. 

2.  Take a Break

Sometimes, taking even an hour, a day or a week off from blogging can be completely reinvigorating.  Get up and move around, go walk around the block, travel to see a friend or spend a day touring a nearby city. You will drive yourself crazy if you are pushing a deadline while being completely and utterly burnt out.  So, go take a break, gather inspiration and come back after you are refreshed.

3.  Persevere & Hit Deadlines

If you step away or take a break to reenergize, set a specific day and time to pick it back up. Don’t sit around for too long or you will never come back from the rut. Getting in the habit of setting mini-deadlines and scheduling out finite windows of time may help you feel in control and avoid feeling burned out by ambiguous and unending blog maintenance. Set specific allotments of time in the morning or evening to sit down and work, then stop and turn your brain off from all blogging related items. 

4.  Reset Your Goals

It is easy for people to get caught up in a writing routine. But routine can easily become boring, not only for you but for your audience. Every once in a while reassess the goals you have set for yourself and your content.  Reevaluate your blog, ask yourself some tough questions and use the answers to give your blog and your goals for the blog a facelift.  This will help you feel renewed and energized to get to blogging again!

Have you ever tried a SWOT Analysis?  This is a great way to guide you through the process of analyzing your blog.  Consider doing it at least once a year!

5.  Challenge Yourself

Looking at your SWOT results and conclusions, what can be revamped?  Get off your blogging hamster wheel and learn something new.  Do something new.  Challenge yourself to learn SEO or Illustrator or Google Analytics. Go beyond what you would do on a normal day and take the time to learn.  You never know what you will be inspired by!

6.  Talk to Others

Surround yourself with your support system and people who understand what is going on – or get a support system if you don’t have one!  Be honest with these people and tell them what aspects you are struggling with.  Talk with them and allow them to help you work through the burnout.  When you can’t inspire yourself, have someone else do it for you, reminding you why you need to keep going.


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