Tip of the Day: Use “Share” Buttons!

Making social media sharing buttons readily available on your blog or website is a surefire way to encourage your readers to drive engagement. Using a couple examples from my own blog, I will demonstrate a few different ways to incorporate social sharing into each post.

  1. In this first example, I am using the social sharing feature provided in my blog’s template. Make sure that you enable the post-level sharing function if your blog template offers it. When a reader clicks on any of these icons, it will prompt them to share a message with a link back to the post. My blog template automatically pulls in the title of the post in addition to the link, but the whole text field is customizable. 

The social sharing options provided by your blog template may limit the style and location of the buttons on the page so you may want to download a plug-in. 

2. In the example above, I used Shareaholics free wordpress plug-in.  I was looking for a customizable social sharing bar that I could place at the top of my post in case a reader didn’t make it all the way to the bottom. This plug-in took me under 10 minutes to download, customize and add to my post. A bonus I discovered with this plug-in was the option to make my images shareable via Pinterest. 


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