Ready to Explore Our ‘Guided Launch’?

ShareASale’s Client Services team now offers a full training course called Guided Launch. We identified a need for one-on-one training tailored to the individual Affiliate Manager’s experience, the maturity of their program and strategic goals. From here, Guided Launch was born! The three-month course is designed for new Merchants looking to start out strong and increase their chances of success, but also for current Merchants looking to optimize their program. 


Why Would I Sign Up For This?

Guided Launch is designed to fit all levels of experience and address a variety of program needs. However, the primary goal is to train Affiliate Managers to build a successful program on ShareASale. During the three months, you will work directly with Morgan, the Guided Launch Manager, to optimize the tools and features, use advanced strategies to engage target Affiliates, and receive pro tips on how to successfully run a Merchant program. We will also help create a full marketing plan using the knowledge acquired from the course so you can continue momentum well beyond the completion of Guided Launch.


What Are The Benefits?

  • A customized competitive analysis of your program to help establish a benchmark.
  • An Affiliate Marketing calendar to support content curation, messaging and Affiliate activation.
  • Assistance in building out a creative inventory that fits your Affiliate’s marketing needs.
  • Program management training so you can continue to grow the program upon completion.
  • Ultimately provide recruitment assistance through introductions, placements, and a recruitment tool that will be unlocked for your use. 

If Your Answer is “yes” to any of these, you would be a great fit! 

  • Are you unfamiliar with the industry?
  • New to the ShareASale platform?
  • Want to maximize your chances of success?
  • Need help finding relevant Affiliates?
  • Stuck on interpreting Data and Reporting?


The strategies that will be taught to the Merchant are high level and designed to provide the tools as well as knowledge for Affiliate Managers to continue to grow the program in ShareASale.

Guided Launch has limited space available! If you have any questions or want to sign up, please contact  


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