ShareASale’s 2014 Gift Guides: 30 Days of Content Ideas for Merchants and Affiliates!



Welcome to our 2014 edition of the Gift Guides. As we begin the push into Q4 of the year, many of you are looking for new content to attract customers to your sites, blogs, social media accounts, etc.

Our goal was to make the Gift Guide categories as diverse as possible to both showcase our Merchants, but also to give our Affiliates as many options as possible for content.

As we roll on toward the holiday season, we hope that you will find our suggestions an asset to your own pages and content, or in Gift Guides that you may create yourself.

There are two ways to look at the Gift Guides

  1. Browse one day at a time – we release a new one every day at 9am Central, follow our Facebook or Twitter accounts for announcements.
  2. Download the entire set right now – see the link below


The Month of Gift Guides Starts with: “The Roadtripper

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