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The average number of Merchants that go live on ShareASale in a given month


 To date, the number of live Merchants on ShareASale


How many different Merchant categories we offer

132 and 19

During the first week of April, 132 Merchants began the set-up process with ShareASale. That’s an average of 19 Merchant sign-ups per day.


Merchants that went live March 2013, which is a ShareASale record!


Seasonality trends by the number’s

Merchants are signing up with for ShareASale accounts pretty steadily throughout the year as you can see from the charts below. In both 2011 and 2012, there was a slight increase in new sign-ups during the fall.



Months with the highest number of total signups:

  • 2011 – September and October
  • 2012 – October and November

2012 Category Sign-up Breakdown By Season:

The Health Category consistently dominates as the #1 category selected by new Merchant sign-ups. Listed below are a few notable seasonal stats from this past year.

Winter 2012
– Clothing increased to 12% of all sign-ups this Winter and Sports/Fitness was on the decline with only 4%.

Spring 2012 – Computers/Electronics category remains on top with 10%. Business Merchants were on the rise this year and had 6% of all Spring Merchant signups.

Summer 2012 – Summer clothing Merchants reached 9% this year, and you got to have cute Summer accessories which also increased in 2012 to almost 9%!

Fall 2012  – The Gift Category experienced an increase in sign-ups in 2012, rising to 4%. To be expected with the Holidays around the corner!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the break out of ShareASale Merchant sign-ups as much as I liked analyzing the trends #bythenumbers!


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