Make an Easy Transition from Google Affiliate Network

In the wake of Google’s announcement concerning the closure of the Google Affiliate Network, ShareASale would like to remind our Affiliate and Merchant partners of our commitment to you.

ShareASale has been in business for over 13 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. In the upcoming months, we’ll be here to assist you in any way possible.

As such, we have included a few recommendations and tips for both Merchants and Affiliates on successfully transitioning off of the Google Affiliate Network.

For ShareASale Merchants Migrating Affiliates from Google Affiliate Network

  1. Communication is Key – Make sure your Affiliates know where they can go to find your Affiliate Program. Provide your contact information should they need assistance in migrating their links.
  2. React Quickly – It’s possible that your Affiliates are migrating many different Merchant Programs to other networks. Be fast and responsive to inquires and applications.
  3. Use the Co-Branded Page – The Co-Branded Link allows Affiliates to apply to your program and the ShareASale Network at the same time. For current ShareASale Affiliates, it allows them to login and apply to your program in one click.

Your Co-Branded Page:

For Affiliates Migrating Links from Google Affiliate Network

In the next few days, make sure that you develop a plan and strategy for your migrations. 

  1. Review Revenue by Merchant – Make sure to check through a full year’s worth of data within the Google Affiliate Network, so that you do not miss Merchants who become active during seasonal months.
  2. Prioritize Merchant Transitions – Your high revenue merchants are the ones you will want to transition first and reach out to individually so that you can ensure a smooth transition.  
  3. Update Links Efficiently – When transitioning to ShareASale, please be advised that we have a number of search tools within our interface to make finding Merchants and links a breeze:
Affiliates - Get your links faster!

Affiliates – Get your links faster!

We all know how important time is on a daily basis and most would agree that there is never enough of it. Check out the new time saving additions to the Affiliate Interface that will be sure to put a little more time back into your day!

If you have programming resources, there are several automated methods of finding Merchants and extracting links by using the ShareASale API.

Merchant Search API

Merchant Search API

Using the Merchant Search API, you can quickly query your list of Google Affiliate Network merchants to see who has programs within ShareASale.
Merchant Search by Product API

Merchant Search by Product API

You can also find Merchants by a product or product keywords in order to replace recommended product links.
API Product Search | ShareASale Blog

API Product Search | ShareASale Blog

Finally, you can extract product links from the ShareASale interface via our API when you have joined a merchant program, allowing you to automate the replacement of your Google Affiliate Network Product Links.

Need Help or Assistance?

For Current Merchants:

Email or Call 312-321-0487 x112

For Sales Inquiries:

Email or Call 312-321-0487 x115


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    I’m emailing to inform you that i’am affiliate with google I would like to make a cool switch My new website is almost complete With one and one and i have very high potial for this site could you please provide me with as much assistant as possible

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    This is my second website it is in the process of being built by 1and1 I would like be transitioned as soon as possible so that 1and1 can began placing merchants on my site

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    Even though Google Affiliate Network closed down, I think it is for the better of us all. Google already plays a huge control in SEO and keywords…imagine how much more control they would have over our site promotion if they continued their affiliate network.

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    We are an affiliate of the Google Affiliate Network and also an affilite of Share A Sale (ID bizcan) Can you help us in the finding of similar merchants or maybe the same merchants we had on GAN?


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