Our Thoughts are in Boston

For those of you who may look here everyday due to our 2013 Daily Blog Project, I wanted to provide an update…  We’ve decided to postpone the daily blog for a few days.


Like most everyone else, I watched yesterday’s events in horror and sadness.  ShareASale has strong ties to Boston.  Clients, family, friends … and to hear what happened was devastating – all of our thoughts are with those victims and families. 


It’s very early and it won’t necessarily become clear what is needed in Boston – but when the time comes for giving or helping, we will get involved.  In the meantime, if you know of anyone who does need help in the wake of this tragedy and you feel that we may be able help in any way – feel free to contact me at Brian@ShareASale.com


In the short term, I think I’m going to go buy this T-Shirt (thanks to Scott Jangro for sharing it on FB) and let folks know that we are all thinking about them in Boston.

Customized: Boston Strong Royal T-Shirt

Customized: Boston Strong Royal T-Shirt

All $20 from your t-shirt purchase will be donated to a charity related to the events that transpired on Monday April 15th.


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    Nice Post Brian. It is a tough time in Boston, but everyone is coming together. it is actually a beautiful thing to see the good in people come out during the worst of times.


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