New! Affiliate Impact Rating

In the month of the #Interface, ShareASale launched a bunch of great new features to our site.  I wrote about the Affiliate List Report, which also happens to be the change the I most enjoyed.

One of the specific changes that was not highlighted as much in the last post was the inclusion of a new feature we call the “Impact Rating.”

The “Impact Rating” is a new column in the Affiliate List Report under “Impact”  that attempts to quantify the specific impact an individual affiliate has on a merchant’s program.

There are 4 values that are shown in reference to the Impact Rating:

  • Impact – The percentage of the merchant’s overall commissions that the affiliate is responsible for over the time period starting from the beginning of last month to the present
  • Impact This Month and Impact Last Month – These are the same value as the Impact but overt the time periods of just This Month and just Last Month
  • Impact Trend – the percentage change from Impact Last Month to Impact This Month, representing whether the affiliate is trending up or down with respect to their impact

In the example image below, the demo Affiliate was responsible for driving 19.7% of the commissions for the example Merchant and represents the affiliate’s Impact.

The second number (48.2% in the example below,) representing the Impact Trend.  

Impact Rating in the Affiliate List Report
Impact Rating in the Affiliate List Report

Impact Rating Trend in the  Affiliate List Report
Impact Rating Trend in the Affiliate List Report

The image above shows what will happen when the number is moused over, showing the Affiliate’s Impact Last Month and their Impact This Month.

You may ask why this number is of importance and it becomes paramount when evaluating Affiliates and determining how best to incentivize Affiliates.  For instance, if an Affiliate had previously had a bigger impact on the program and progressively became less impactful to the program it would be smart to reach out to the Affiliate and determine how to get the Affiliate back on track.

The new “impact rating” is another great tool that can be used to evaluate Affiliates and ensure they are growing with your Merchant program.


“Small gestures can have a big impact.”~Marguiles

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