Merchant Interface Tip: Phone Tracking

In the past month, our support team has received a lot of questions from merchants regarding phone tracking. Is there a way to track affiliate sales that come through the phone? How can phone sales be tracked? How do we credit our affiliates for phone orders? Perhaps you have mussed the very same questions recently. Well, I’m happy to tell you – Yes! You do have options for crediting phone orders to your affiliates AND it is much simpler than you may have realized. Phone tracking for the WIN!

You have two options for crediting phone activity driven by the affiliates:
1. Pay Per Call:
Give your affiliates the ability to take their marketing efforts offline with our new pay-per-call platform! You will be able to give qualifying affiliates the opportunity to earn commission for phone calls driven to your call center. With this new tracking technology, approved affiliates will be able to assign a different toll-free number to various campaign types (search, newspaper, radio/TV, etc.) Then, when a consumer calls that number, the referring affiliate is eligible to receive commission on the call. To sign up, click HERE

2. Phone Tracking Script: Phone tracking enables you to attribute a phone sale with an affiliate referral. A ShareASale provided script will place a ‘Promo Code’ on your website. The promo code will be the affiliate ID number responsible for the traffic. If no affiliate is responsible for the traffic, a default promo code that you choose will be displayed. You will need to train your phone staff to ask for this promo code when they are taking orders. Once the order is finalized, you can log in to your ShareASale account and place a manual transaction for the phone order. You can find the phone tracking script in the Help Topics Knowledgebase in your account. Search for the term “phone tracking”.


  1. Brian says

    I’d love to promote more big ticket items but I know many of my buyers will prefer to order over the phone. One of the merchants I’d like to help has their 800 plastered all over their site – and I’m worried about losing sales.
    How can affiliates know if a merchant is accurately tracking phone orders?
    Where does the aff code show up on the merchant site typically?
    Thanks for your help!

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