Marching to the Beat of A Different Drummer

Our CEO, Brian Littleton, has never fit into any mold. He’s a successful, thirty-something CEO…a self-made man with a Chicago-based e-commerce company. Normally, that would bring to mind a man who wears khakis and polos, and maybe a nice watch. Instead, we’ve got a guy that wanders into the office in cargo shorts and five t-shirts, one atop the other. And it is quite possible that he’s actually owned at least one of those shirts since high school. Which was, mind you, over twenty years ago.

However, every now and then, he does make an effort to get dressed up. And when he does, everyone notices. Mostly we notice because he is wearing a sweater vest. Sometimes it is a gray sweater vest, sometimes it is a brown one. I think once he wore an argyle one as well. For some strange reason, where other men might associate business attire with sports jackets and loafers, our CEO will throw on a sweater vest.

It’s just what he does. We here at ShareASale have learned to live with his wardrobe quirks, but thought you might enjoy a piece of the action as well.

Auction: Official Brian Littleton Sweater Vest, Benefiting the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer


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